an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Body As Love: We commit to assist you reuniting your body with Love until your cells pulse Stillness-as Love that we call Pure Breath of Love.



Spanish Translation of STILLNESS
Revised and Updated
Publication Date: Assumption, August 15, 2022






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Sacred Body Rites initiates you into what Tantric Buddhists call the Completion Stage, which is a permanent realization that your body is the quintessential expression of Love.

Sacred Body Rites combines Stillness Meditations, Stillness Touch, Anointment with oils, and Sacred Internal Touch to worship a recipient's body as a Sacred Vessel of Love.

Sacred Body Rites builds the strength of your will so you can be with arousal that you contain inside as innate bliss, which increases the potency of your Eros.

When you can maintain an open inner receptivity to your Eros without bodily recoil at solar plexus while receiving sacred touch, even amid the release of electric-charged body armor held as emotions in your flesh, it strengthens your presence of will. Your steady, sensing presence softens your body armor and frees your attention so it spontaneously moves with the inner body Eros from which the pulse of love as Spanda emerges to give birth to Yoni-Heart by which you realize Criatura.

Criatura is the state of your body when Eros freely suffuses the cells of your flesh and emanates your Radiant Gloriosa.

Criatura arises when your Eros unites with the Self-existing Radiance of your heart. This Sacred Marriage frees the unique, precious gift to the world: your body emanates the Radiance of Love.

Sacred Body Rites offers you an alternative to a Western Tantra that is based on stimulation and oversexed hyper-excitement, and which exploits your animal nature through the objectification of the body of an 'other' that you 'do to' and 'get from.' Sacred Body Rites is a response to these goal-oriented, separating approaches.

Sacred Body Rites is a preparatory practice for Sacred Consort Union, the final Completion Stage practice. For a Primer on Sacred Consort Union:  Click Here

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Sacred Body Rites Training Manual

A detailed Sacred Body Rites Training Manual is personally delivered after you enroll in the Sacred Body Rites Mentor Course.

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