an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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We commit to assist you in reuniting your body with The Love that emanates out of inner-body Stillness as Pure Breath of Love.


Come to Mexico for a Private Intensive! San Pancho, Riveria Nayarit


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Sacred Body Rites combines Inner-Body Stillness Practices, skills in Sacred Touch, and Anointment to the skin with oils to worship the whole body as Sacred Vessel of Love. Receptivity to Sacred Body Rites opens your awareness to 'Eros Body' from which The Love emerges to give birth to 'Criatura' - the state of your body that naturally emanates as your Radiant Gloriousa. This is your heart's self-existing radiance and your unique, precious gift to the world: Body as Love.

Hence, Sacred Body Rites offers you an alternative to Western Tantra based on stimulation, over sexed hyper-excitement of our animal nature, achievement of goals, and objectification of the body - a 'doing to' and 'getting from' an 'other.' Sacred Body Rites is our response to a 'doing to' approach.

What We Offer:

> Individual Sacred Body Rites Sessions

> Couples Sacred Body Rites Sessions

> Couples Class 

> Sacred Body Rites Class

> Sacred Body Rites Training

> Supportive Writings

Training Manual

A detailed 'Sacred Body Rites' training manual is personally delivered to those in training to become Sacred Body Rites Practitioners, or to anyone who has received 12 or more Private Intensive Sacred Body Rites Sessions.

Click below to listen to an interview with Patricia Taylor Author of 'Expanded Orgasm:'