an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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 Prague Couples Class 
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Rapture of the Sensuous:      
Intimate Class for Couples

Restore Your Body’s Original Sensuousness with Intimate Touch
Transmit Love as Sacred Body Rites

In this class, non-doing touch outlined in Charles’ book, STILLNESS, evolves into a celebration of Sacred Body Rites for couples, Click Here FOR SUPPORT 

Class Overview

For background information, listen to an interview with Charles Ridley by Patricia Taylor, Ph.D., Author of “Expanded Orgasm”

Celebrating Sacred Body Rites with your partner restores your body to its original state of rapture as a Sacred Vessel of Love.

During this two-day journey into the Body-Erotic, we will abide in Stillness during Erotic Touch to open our inner body to Love.

When we abide in Stillness with sensing presence during Sacred Touch, we contact innate bliss, as the body’s erotic pulse. Eros is our personal connection to the universal substance of The Love that creates your body and the world.

Inner Stillness Meditations as Portals to Love

Repose in inner stillness and sense inwardly as a tonal gateway to reunite your consciousness with the wisdom of the body, which reveals the inner sensuous flow of Love as Eros that pulses as inner breath throughout your flesh.

When in contact with your erotic inner body pulse, you cease avoiding intensity, intimacy, paradox, and Love by acting out old relational behavior patterns, and habitual unconscious recoil strategies that take you out of the present. Examples of recoil include distraction, breaking commitments, avoidance of intimacy, bodily shutdown, contrived ‘doing’ and ‘getting from’ along with a defended heart. Instead, in this class, you practice accessing your body’s inner wisdom that becomes a portal to  Love – which frees consciousness from ego’s strategies of control that are fear-based due to past traumas with lovers.

Here, you realize a new disposition of trust and freedom to be your authentic self in the flow with your Tao rather than living in fear, control, resistance, avoidance, collapse, deception, or leaving the present, and yourself, in spiritual by-pass amid the illuminating depths of Dynamic Stillness.

Sensually abiding in inner Stillness ignites innate bliss as the pulse of Eros that suffuses Pure Breath of Love in your flesh by which you can feelingly ‘be with’ paradox, intensity, and intimacy amid the bodily erotic.

By uniting with your inner body sensuousness, you free your awareness from ego’s habits of separation, resistance, distraction, anxiety, compartmentalization, control, rejection, and fear-based self-protective strategies.

‘Being with’ and sensing your inner erotic pulse – amid fear that arises during intimate touch – reveals hidden places in you that recoil to Love. With a courageous heart, you can face these aspects and ‘Know Thyself.

If you commit to daily exchanges of erotic touch while relaxing in Stillness amid intensity, intimacy, and paradox, and if you let it be, and be with what is as it is, you gradually realize bodily union with Love.

When steeped in erotic rapture, an Indestructible Innocence arises, and you feel guided by an Inner Body Wisdom until your body reconnects to your precious ‘Criatura’  – an aspect of your body that authentically expresses body’s original Edenic State of Erotic Radiance, emanating as the Tender Mother Love.

Criatura emanates body’s original essence – as Love – that emerges when you can feelingly inhabit your inner body space in Stillness amid your erotic arousal. This is supported by celebrating the following practices:

Sacred Body Rites Meditation Practices

~ Inner Body Stillness Meditation

~ Sensually orient inwardly and abide in your Invisible Midline

~ Sensing awareness of subtle currents of Inner Body Breathing

~ Unite with the sensual qualities of tonal nuances in your Inner Body Atmosphere

~ Inhabit with sensing presence the three major Inner Body Centers – Head, Heart, Pelvis

~ Recognize the strategies of the hypermasculine ego that is terrified of, and controls, the inner feminine that is expressed as ever-changing feelings, intensity, the bodily sensuous, intimacy, paradox, Eros, and Love

~ Letting your Sensuous Inner Body Pulse be in charge of the depth of intimacy and intensity, and to let it move your flesh as Love during intimate erotic touch, rather than controlling it

~ Reconnect with your body’s Indestructible Innocence

~ Unite Body-as-Consciousness with Love

When these practices bear fruit, your whole body becomes a sacred sense – Spiritual Touch – by which your body is in erotic contact with everything. Eros so suffuses your flesh that body moves as Love – a singular living substance that is one with all that is – this is Enfleshment of Love.

Transmission of Love through Erotic Touch

Couples celebrate Worship of Body as Sacred Vessel of Love by applying in Erotic Stillness Touch to all the erotic vital centers of the body: lips, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower pelvis, perineum, buttocks, and genitals.

You orient within and contact Stillness, while you reverently touch your beloved’s sacred flesh in unison with innate bliss, which is Love’s sensuous erotic inner body flow. When left free without ego control – as it is – Eros expresses the primordial emanation of the Tender Mother Love, the Spanda. Eros or Shakti is our personal connection to the universal pulse of the Spanda.

You learn to touch your beloved’s vital bodily centers as powerful portals to Love in a way that leaves free their inner body pulse of Eros that unfolds as Life, Consciousness, Innocence, Sensuous Rapture, Radiance, and Love.

You realize that you can offer to your beloved the mystery of Sacred Body Rites as a mutual body-to-body transmission that restores the body to its original state of Radiant Innocence – as Sacred Vessel of Love. You learn to let innate bliss expressed as Love to be in charge of the intimacy gradient, rather than the habitual unconscious strategies of ego control based on fear of the past.

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