an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Relax into your Natural State

In our culture, we have all experienced at one time or another some level of disembodiment, disconnect, and distancing from the Love that dwells inside the body. This manifests in various forms: mind is separate from body, which, in turn places us out of touch with the feelings of the heart and the erotic sensations of the pelvis. When not present to our sensations in the body, we do not perceive the pulsations of the Sacred Earth, nor the infinite sensuous field of the one living substance that pervades all that is: these are aspects of one spectrum.

The inner embodiment practices we offer while you receive Sacred Body Rites will help you more consistently inhabit yourself in presence, and stabilize your awareness so you can remain present to the ever-unfolding stream of life – as sensation – in a more fully embodied way.

Essentially, these inner sensing practices will help you contact the sensuous wisdom of the body through the medium of stillness. By grounding in the stillness of your heart and pelvis you learn to open to and receive your sensations as the invisible flow of your own unfolding consciousness, and thereby you can meet the conditioned patterns that block your access to the body as a limitless sensuous field of presence that is erotically one with all that is.

In your heart’s self-existing radiance there is a mysterious portal that interconnects the infinite ocean of Love to the sensuous consciousness in your body. Ground substance is the inner ocean of your body, a liquid connective tissue that pervades the inside and outside of every cell with consciousness, and it unites the awareness of 50 trillion cells as one consciousness. So body as microcosm reflects macrocosm: our individual consciousness is the expression of 50 trillion cells which, in turn, is in direct contact with the infinite consciousness of the Whole. Paradoxically, by descending inward to our heart’s radiance we contact our inner ocean, which is one with the outer shimmering, pulsing oceanic heart of Mother Earth. Since the heart of mother earth is one with the infinite heart, we directly realize ourselves as one with the Mother Love – all that is – expressed as body.

Inner body contact with Stillness reawakens the coherence of our heart fields’ self-existing radiance that expresses as infinite sensate awareness through which we can evolve without limit. Most of us feel this inherently as a bodily knowing, even though we do not know how we know. The good news is your realization becomes more explicit by contacting your heart field’s self-existing radiance.

Yet, to simply be with life’s sensuous unfolding, as it is, challenges us. How do we drop our pre-occupation with how life “ought” to be? We often habitually cling to our expectations, which creates static in the body’s liquid ground substance that blurs our contact with the sensuous free-flow of life. At any moment, however, we can choose to relax and let ourselves be carried by the sensations in the ever-flowing pulse of now.

Another challenge is that rational mind takes the one essence that pervades all that is, and separates us from it through objectification. This is an ego disposition that needs a subject and object – a ‘me’ and a ‘that.’ Yet, if everything in life is interconnected, isn’t the subject-object perspective a misperception? True, all of our bodies are separated from one another by skin, and yet, each body is also permeated by one presence that suffuses into, and infinitely expands the boundaries of ‘body.’ As we can see, separating the body, our presence, or our sensations into parts creates a separate self, which can so deeply impact us that we feel separate from source. We subsequently lose sensuous contact with the now.

To surrender, relax control, rest in the disposition of ‘I don’t know,’ and then, fall into heart we arrive in the now. Our receptive presence to the inner body sensations builds our basic trust in life’s inner streaming as it unfolds moment by moment. Meanwhile, the flow of now is free to be exactly as it is, and in our original innocence we accept and receive it.

Stillness Practices cultivate embodied sensing presence, and it turns out that the whole-body felt sense of the tone of the inner body atmosphere – as sensation – is an unerring guide to this mystery. Whole-body felt sense is a function of our heart’s natural state that is one with the wisdom of the body and nature. World Wisdom, or Sophia, is a sensuousness that expresses out of Absolute Stillness as the Eternal Feminine that unites all parts with the Whole and links us to our boundless nature as all that is. By relaxing into the heart and contacting the sensuous within the body unites us with Soul, which erotically interconnects us with all life. This erotic union includes all our senses that unite as one to become a sacred sense, Spiritual Touch – a conscious, erotic body-felt contact with all that is.

Touching another while seated in this matrix we contact inner body sensation as a conscious, liquid, protoplasmic whole-body flow that breathes in ebb-tide fashion like the waves of an ocean. We realize that body’s sensuous ‘inner’ waves are one with the infinite ‘outer’ ocean of sensuous consciousness that pervades everything. While being touched we realize that by asserting that we have separate parts in separate bodies in denial of this sensuous unified flow in the body is like insisting that waves are not part of the ocean. This is how our ego’s separating sense becomes transparent to us when we touch or are touched by another in a natural state. We realize our natural state from within the body and we retain our humanity and our differences without losing contact with our common infinite divinity.

Repeatedly being touched from this natural disposition gradually restores to us our native heart perception by which we bodily realize the sensuous of wholeness as Eros. That is why in my book Stillness health is redefined as wholeness, which is an erotic conscious embodied contact with all that is. Rather than feeling bodily unrest, lack, fear, doubt, weakened willpower, and dissatisfaction that result from orienting outwardly toward separateness, we, instead through Stillness Touch, realize embodied wholeness imbued with calm, trust, and confidence in being.

In summary, our inner orientation to sensation results in the realization of our wholeness that arises from embodied contact with the sensations of inner-body flow of Love that is connected with The Love that is all that is. The courage to cultivate the inner receptivity and to be guided and carried by the sensations of inner-body flow becomes a way of life. This choice is radically different from objectifying the body and focusing on what is ‘broken’ about us, and then, striving to “spiritually” improve it. I have certainly succumbed to this strategy most of my life.

When we touch or are touched by another while relaxing all need to fix anything, and instead, we humbly attune to the wisdom of life’s ever-unfolding flow of sensations that emanate from within the body, we discover our authenticity. Touching the body’s inner wisdom unites the parts with the whole, which leads us to the inner calm of being cradled by Love. We realize Presence as our self-existing heart radiance, and by accepting Life-as an expression of Love, we cease controlling. Instead, we trust that Love can manage us, and all that is, perfectly well without our help, so we relax and let it be.

We experience that the capacity to face ourselves, and trust this very moment – as it is – and to let it be,  is facilitated by the simple power of human touch. We learn to stand as a sensing witness to our own humanity and to serve as a silent witness in support of others. Essentially, the mystery of touch is a powerful means for mutual body-to-body transmission of the sensations of unconditional Love.

Listed below is a link to download a detailed PDF that supports the Female and the Male individually, and support for the couple.

Download a detailed PDF for the Female and Male individually, and as Consorts: Support