an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Mentor in Sacred Body Rites

Mentorship in Sacred Body Rites

Inner preparation is crucial before undertaking the Mentor Course. A daily meditation practice of sitting in Stillness is fundamental. Next, of importance is receiving Stillness Touch sessions to deeply embody Stillness, and then, to learn how to give Stillness Touch sessions. You may be required to enroll in a Stillness Touch Master Class or receive private Stillness Touch training.

Once Stillness has established itself as your fundamental state while touching and being touched, the next preparatory stage is receiving a series of Sacred Body Rites sessions. By receiving Sacred Body Rites you gain experience ‘being with’ your personal Core Erotic Wound issues that arise during SBR sessions – and a LOT comes up to be with and thoroughly navigate – in preparation for your offering of Sacred Body Rites to others.

Before joining the Sacred Body Rites Mentor Training, you may be required to receive 7 Sacred Body Rites sessions to cultivate the skills and the opportunity to be with a multitude of issues that may arise in you during the sessions. This gives you the experience to navigate those issues if they arise when you offer someone Sacred Body Rites.

Summary of Sacred Body Rites Mentor Training:

    Establish a daily sitting Practice

    Learn to Offer Stillness Touch

    Receive 7 Sacred Body Rites Sessions

For someone desiring to join the Sacred Body Rites Mentor track, receiving sessions allows you to thoroughly navigate your inner territory in unconditional acceptance amid the array of personal issues that may arise while you are receiving all aspects of Sacred Body Rites. From there, the Sacred Body Rites Mentoring can begin.

Sacred Body Rites Training

In addition to the preparation steps of a daily meditative Stillness Practice, proficiency in offering Stillness Touch, and receiving 7 Sacred Body Rites sessions, the Mentor Training involves 10 to 12 interactive sessions. 

During the first 6 or 7 four-hour interactive training sessions, you will receive and then give a session to learn how to offer each specific aspect of Sacred Body Rites in detail from your Consort. Each 4-hour session exchange concentrates on a particular aspect of Sacred Body Rites:

     Erotic Stillness Touch Contacts: 1-2 sessions 

     Anointment of the Skin: 1-2 sessions

     The Lymphatics: 1 session

     The Chakra Centers: 1 session

     Mouth and Internal Pelvis: 4-5 sessions

     Integration of all aspects: 4-5 sessions

During the final 4-5 session exchanges, the specific aspects of Sacred Body Rites are combined and integrated into a full interactive offering of a Sacred Body Rites session. During this interactive portion of your training, you mutually receive and give full Sacred Body Rites sessions with your Consort. Refinement and integration of the practices and principles of Sacred Body Rites occur during these last experiential sessions. The training ends by your offering 2 complete 4-hour Sacred Body Rites sessions to your Consort.

Note: The exact number of Sacred Body Rites Mentor Training sessions depends on your previous training and experience, which influences the flow of the Mentor training. Therefore the above is a general scheme.

Please read the “Private Intensive” section on this site, as well as all of the “Client Support” including the PDF’s for more insight.

You will receive a reading list for study once you receive your 7 Sacred Body Rites sessions. After enrollment in the Mentor Course you will receive the Sacred Body Rites Training Manual

FEE: $200 per hour

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