an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Sacred Body Rites is an inner-body practice of Stillness Touch and Anointment with oils to reunite your body with its source: The Love.

We are committed to assist you in reuniting your Eros with The Love, which emanates out of inner-body Stillness as Pure Breath of Love that creates all that is. Armor hidden in your flesh blocks your self-existing Radiance, which is your unique gift to the world. 

Pure Breath of Love is the power that made the body, heals the body, and makes you Whole by uniting your perception with your Eros. Eros reconnects you to the whole-making life force that expresses The Love.

Natura – Holy Breath – weaves a trembling matrix that interconnects all living organisms to the free-flowing erotic pulse of Love. Pure Breath of Love is the Tender Mother and Stillness the Present Father, and together they create a polar process that organizes the wholeness of life. Pure Breath of Love is enveloped in Stillness and possesses primordial non-separate matter, which breathes a living fire that fashions creation. This Divine Matrix is the Liquid Crystal Matrix of Love – the substance that unites all.

In this infinite Matrix, every subtle change in one area affects and modifies all other aspects throughout the Whole. The interconnecting fibers emerge out of a dynamic tension of opposites between formless Stillness and Love that expresses as form. In the Kashmir Shaivite tradition our embodied reality is born through a communion between Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is Consciousness – an unlimited free space in which Shakti – the primordial cosmic energy of Love infinitely expresses herself. Through their eternal loving embrace — the infinite sky-dance between the pair — created reality arises. This sacred communion I call Dynamic Stillness.

Dynamic Stillness expresses infinitely as life’s web, and intimately resonates with your heart field as an organ of perception that is in erotic contact with everything. The heart field created your body therefore you cannot exist without affecting everything, and, at the same time, being affected by everything. Who you are, and what you think, feel, say, and do, creates tremors that modulate the tensions in the living, sublime threads of creation. One tremor sets up another one that creates yet more unfolding flowing motion, all of which constantly changes the tonal nuances in this intricate sensuous universal matrix, which in turn constantly evolves a new order out of ever-shifting chaos.

This eternal dance occurs simultaneously: chaos dissolves into Stillness to express as renewed order that is life. The notion that any aspect of us is separate from any part of the universe is dualistic thinking and a fundamental misperception of reality. You are as intimately connected to the infinite expanse of Dynamic Stillness as to infinitesimal stillness within each subatomic particle in your cells. Pure Breath of Love unites all – she contains us and she is in us like a fish in the ocean, and life separate from her is preposterous.

Objects, situations, and living beings are not separate; the notion contradicts itself. Coherence means you resonate as a singularity and you are an integral part of the whole. Because your heart field of perception is coherent with The Love that creates all that is, when you relax ego control and let Pure Breath of Love flow freely through your inner body it is Wholeness. When you control life’s ebb-and-flow you not only stifle your heart field, but, as Dr. Mae Wan Ho, author of ‘Rainbow and the Worm’ indicates, when life’s “flow is interrupted, disintegration sets in, and death begins.” Making choices that insulate you from feeling uncomfortable life experiences often causes you to collide painfully with reality. When you argue against the wholeness of life who wins?

It is not possible to set up a private world without creating a wake of inertial patterns that cause suffering in yourself, in others, and affects the Divine Matrix. How intensely you believe and behave, even if unconsciously, as though, “I am separate from others, creation, or source” determines how strongly you oppose your inner-body flow of Love, and how pervasively you feel the disintegration of the Divinely Ordered Wholeness of life – a self-fulfilling prophesy indeed. Being trapped in a misperception of your own making fills your life with suffering.

- Paraphrased  from Ridley: Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness pp. 1-2.

Sacred Body Rites – Kashmir Shaivism – Mary Magdalene 

Sacred Body Rites is based on Biodynamic Cranial principles influenced by Kashmir Shaivism and Mary Magdalene’s sensuous anointment transmission. In Sacred Body Rites, Body is limitless sensation – a subtle, gentle vibratory web of infinite shimmering consciousness that is united with The Love. This is also known as Dynamic Stillness – born from the inner body union of Shiva and Shakti.

  As the quintessential expression of Consciousness-as-Love, Body is in direct sensuous contact with the whole universe as an erotic union with the Divine Matrix.
Body as an extension of the heart field expands far beyond the skin. Body is a limitless tonal web of sensuous consciousness fully realized when you attune to the sensual tones of Eros in your inner-body space. You rediscover a fundamental connection with everything as the original state of body through an inner-body union of Consciousness and Love.

Hence, you realize Body is a non-localized, non-limited, polysensuous living organism that is united with the totality – this is a realization of natural erotic unity with all that is. The limited and separate body does not exist as the total reality. It is a contracted ego-perception, a limiting concept that is not the whole reality of body.

Love is invisible flesh that becomes visible AS Body’s flesh. It is through abiding in infinite inner-body Stillness and sensing that you realize union of limitless Consciousness and non-separate Love – as Body.

 Sacred Touch offered inside Stillness is a portal for realizing Body-as-Love.

While receiving Sacred Body Rites, the challenge is can you sensually abide in inner-body Stillness, allow arousal to build, while you attend to the sensations of inner breath that pulses as your Eros - its sensuous rhythms and qualities – without transforming anything? By being present to your inner body breathing as an erotic ebb-and-flow inside the body, you sense a Sacred Pulse that includes the external and internal. You become aware that your sensuous body erotically expresses its Sacred Pulse as infinite qualities, tones, life’s flowing currents, zones of physical armor and emotional tension, paradoxical intensities, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, fears, old relational patterns, shock, spaciousness, fluidities, luminosities, various awakened states, tremors, infinite inner Stillness, intimacy, Eros, desire, arousal, rapture, and The Love. Sometimes you sense these qualities all at the same time.

Inwardly allowing arousal and sensing your Eros there emerges a soft subtle pulse of inner Breath that expresses as a free, spontaneous, non-contrived movement of your attention. This fractal flow of freed attention is united with life that flows as an erotic expression of Love that unfolds as your Eros throughout the inner body space to infinity and back. This continuous flow that is body’s inherent inner tonal breathing, is known in Kashmir Shaivism as the Sacred Pulse of the Spanda, and in the Magdalene Transmission it is the Holy Breath of Sophia. 

Your enhanced realization of your body’s Sacred Pulse blossoms as Love when you totally abandon your will to objectify,  “do to,” control, modify, name, or avoid intensity, intimacy, or paradox that arises, and instead without any constraints, surrender to your inner-body sensations, and heed the guidance of your inner-body wisdom that emanates as an erotic inner breath in all its variations. When you can relax the strategies of distancing and control, and let inner Breath be in charge, you realize true freedom from ego.

 Freedom from Ego Tyranny

Inner body Breath takes root in your genitals and expresses in the inner body space as your Eros. This unending, infinite Pulse of Eros will caress and untie all tensions and restrictions that recoil your attention away from Love. Through deep inner-body sensing with the whole of your inner being, your fears, doubts, and separating thoughts will softly melt into vibrant silence and become The Love – a mysterious ‘space’ that is the intersection between formless and form – Dynamic Stillness – the Wisdom of the Whole – Pure Breath of Love – or Jung’s Pleroma. Once you can repose in Pure Breath of Love consistently, you are freed from ego control. Sacred Body Rites Anointment offered amid Stillness Touch is a gateway to this Freedom.

While being anointed, it takes practice to simply allow your arousal to build while you sensually abide in inner body Stillness and taste the subtle variations of Eros in your inner body space as the flow of Love. It is difficult to be with and sense the intensity, intimacy, and paradox while in contact with Dynamic Stillness because it creates a potent inner body space that implodes, expands, and unites all the levels of your being as one, revealing all that comprises body, mind, and emotion that are under ego control. However, in this potent inner body spaciousness, you can also experience a new capacity to relax, trust, and be with very uncomfortable memories, emotional intensity, powerful feelings, and the intimacy of your trembling inner-body erotic flow of Love – as the Wisdom of the entire universe – without being held back by fear, control, doubt, and resistance.

Eventually, the whole of your body, thoughts, mind, speech, emotion, and behavior become less constricted by ego control, or by activated somatic experiences of your history that restrict awareness – due to old injuries, thoughts, limiting beliefs, painful memories, old relationship patterns, emotions, paradoxical intensities, jealousy, and fear – that recoil your attention from union with The Love. Body flows harmoniously with the unfolding flow of the Wisdom of the Whole of life when you realize your Body as Love.

When the deep, pure presence of Love suffuses your flesh, uniting all thoughts, speech, emotions, actions, and consciousness, you discover Love’s spontaneous expression in the present, amid your capacity to surrender deeper into life’s continuous paradoxical multiplicity, unfolding just as it isas Love that creates all that is. It is within the above context that crafting a Sacred Body Rites Intensive becomes a powerful path for utterly embodying Love, CLICK HERE:   > Individual Sacred Body Rites Sessions

 Integrity: Its impact on the Criatura As Sacred Vessel of Love

I cannot overrate the importance of living in Integrity with The Love as your guide. We are challenged to recognize Love as our inner-body source for guidance – as the creative, connecting omniscient force for all that is – particularly in our personal relationships. Truth telling, transparency, fidelity – physical, subtle body, emotional, and energetic – as well as openness, commitment to living in freedom from ego control that is beyond our addiction to Astrality – all these are inherent aspects of Integrity.

When living life in Astrality we dwell in the  past or future, and do not celebrate our intimate relationships in Integrity, i.e.,  in presence; nor are we in Integrity with The Love. Astrality is comprised of living life addicted to fantasy. This involves a projecting outward of attention, leaving our inner body space to live out old behavior patterns based on self-referencing thoughts, stories, and emotions derived from the past, or from ego’s projections into the future.

Projection outward is because ego is addicted to fantasy. Therefore, we project who we want a person to be, and eventually as the projection collapses and they do not measure up, inevitably we start to drift from them and we may even carry on secret meetings with admirers outside our intimate relationship – open or monogamous. Engaging outside of the relationship these projections fill us with the addictive ‘bigger than life’ exuberance that is comprised of secrecy, innuendo, seduction, manipulation, control, compartmentalization, sexual intrigue, energetic infidelity of the subtle body, boundary crossing, getting from and gratification through mutual energetic feeding, and the secondary gain we derive from the attention we receive from our admirer(s). Meanwhile, we withhold all this activity from our beloved partners. We conceal that we are engaging in these behaviors with others as though our beloveds do not know it is happening. Guess what? Our beloveds not only bodily know it; they feel pain, confusion, anxiety, fear, jealousy, and suspicion.

 Astral behaviors are functions of an ego that is afraid of the present and of unity.

We are not out of integrity if we reveal our attractions and actions by being transparent, open, and truthful about it with our beloved, letting them know the moment we realize it is happening.

We are human, we project, we fantasize, we objectify, feed, and get, and we have attractions. However, when we keep secret, compartmentalize, control, and withhold from our beloveds that we are secretly acting out our projected fantasy with someone outside the relationship, we are lying to our selves, our beloved, and to Love.

Our precious, innocent Criatura emerges when our self-exixsting Radiance suffuses our flesh. Lying harms our body because we self-separate Criatura from The Love, which creates physical armor and emotional pain in our body, and in our beloved’s because we behave as though we are separate from them and from Love. Since our beloved is an intimate aspect of our ‘Sacred Pod of Love,’ by acting in secret, outside of integrity, we create suffering in them due to the felt separation they bodily experience – it is not the act itself, it is the secrecy, and the lying  that hurts them. Criatura is made out of The Love that creates all that is. Recall that Love’s essential qualities are unity, poly-sensitivity, and an erotic connection to the Whole. Criatura is permeated by innocence, tenderness, vulnerability, openness, truthfulness, interconnectedness, unity, and omniscience:

 Nothing can be Hidden from Criatura, She is Your Body as Love                                                                                   

To repeat: Body is The Love, an infinite subtle, delicate, poly sensuous, vibratory multidimensional web of erotic shimmering Consciousness – Dynamic Stillness. Body, therefore, is the quintessential expression of Consciousness-as-Love, which expresses as the Eros of the whole universe.

We realize Body as a limitless tonal web when we attune inwardly and sense the qualities of Eros in our inner body space. We realize that unity is the original state of Criatura, expressing Radiance as infinite Love. Criatura is our personal living, liquid crystal matrix that is directly connected to the Universal Matrix of Love. We realize Criatura as a unique expression of the Universal Matrix of Love: Criatura is the living, fully conscious, non-localized, non-limited sensate Wisdom of the Body that includes the totality. Eros is our personal connection to the Wisdom of the Whole. This characterizes your natural state of unity – as an expression of your Eros. Again, the limited and separate body does not exist as the total reality. It is a contracted perception, a limiting concept that is an illusion, not the total reality of ‘body.’

Relationally, no Body that is consciously open to The Love is separate from another Body that is also connected to The Love. Therefore, to act as though there is separation harms the precious Criatura that knows everything that is going on. There is no hiding from Love at this level of Conscious Relating. To live life that is not in Integrity with the fact that we are not separate is a denial of Love’s wisdom and omniscience.

Love is invisible flesh become visible AS body. By sensually abiding in inner Stillness we experience limitless, non-separate Love.  

Here is a practice: sensually abide inwardly in Stillness and attend to the sensation of inner breath in your inner body space – its rhythms and its pathways – without transforming, controlling, distancing, or managing anything. By being present with the sensations in your inner space, you connect with your Eros that is breathing inside. Then your attention will sense an inner body flow of Eros that includes the vast external, and deep internal. You become aware of your inner body sensations as part – AND as whole – expressed an infinite variety of flowing currents, tempos, zones of tension, memories, powerful compelling emotions, old relational patterns, brokenness, paradoxical intensities-intimacy, tonalities, spaciousness, fluidities, splendor, Eros, rapture, desire, longing, arousal, and The Love.

Inner body sensing, as a felt-sense, reveals a soft, subtle, tender trembling pulse of Eros, as inner body flow - a sacred breath – that you sense as a non-contrived, non-structured, fractal movement that is natural, spontaneous, free-flowing, and unfolds itself throughout your inner body. This shimmering, continuous, erotic ebb and flow is your inherent inner tonal breathing that in Kashmir Shaivism is known as Spanda, the Sacred Tremor.

Sacred Tremor blossoms when you totally abandon the habit of over-willing your quiet, slower inner guidance that wells from your inner body wisdom. Over-willing elevates attention from the erotic lower body wisdom to the sterile, unfeeling witnessing head center. The inner body pulse will ‘up tempo,’ which pushes you into objectification, an increased desire ‘to do’ and ‘get’ and to live in the Astrality of past and future filled with a need to compartmentalize, distance, keep secret, and modify aspects of an authentic life based on projected ideas that arise out of fantasy.

The way to the Sacred Tremor is to surrender in presence and sense the deep pelvic inner body flow of Love without any constraints.

In our sensing presence, we dedicate ourselves to our subtle inner body breath that erotically pulses in our lower pelvis until it becomes our unerring guide, as the wisdom of the body. It bears repeating: this erotic Inner Body Sacred Breath takes root very low in the pelvis and fills the inner body space as an unending, infinite trembling wave of sensuous Eros, which will caress and untie tensions and restrictions that unconsciously recoil our awareness away from Love, and will open us to union with The Love that is Wisdom of the Whole.

In this deep, subtle inner sensing with the whole of our inner being, our old ego driven relational patterns built on fear, doubt, control, objectification, manipulation, secrecy, emotional overwhelm, jealousy, and confusing thoughts will softly melt into vibrant silence and become The Love – a mysterious place at the intersection between formless and form – Dynamic Stillness.

Our regular, consistent practice: We sensually abide in inner Stillness that becomes the cup from which we drink the infinite, subtle variations of the erotic inner body pulse of Love. It is difficult to put the cup to our lips because Dynamic Stillness – as pure potency – creates infinite space in the various dimensions of our being, uniting them as one – body, mind, emotion, and will. These aspects of our being become unified as a result of abiding in the spaciousness of our inner body Eros. Any of our aspects that are not aligned with The Love will self-illuminate and reconfigure. This is challenging if we have lived most of our life split-off and fragmented from our wholeness and authenticity. Facing ourselves, and taking responsibility for the ways we have covertly behaved that has caused suffering in ourselves and others takes courage. Yet it leads to The Love if we do – and to more suffering if we do not.

We gradually experience how to sensually ‘be with’ intensity – as pain, fear, control, emotions, old relational patterns, and intimacy – as inner body flow of Love that is the Wisdom of the entire universe – without ego-based control, recoil, and resistance. Eventually, the whole of our body, mind, speech, and emotion and  will becomes less constricted and driven by ego’s old relational patterns, projections, fantasy, conceptual references to past or future, limiting beliefs, painful memories, refusal of dreaded aspects of ourselves, control strategies, avoidant secretive behaviors, and fear of loss. Body will then flow harmoniously with the endless unfolding flow of the whole of life, as you realize your body AS LOVE.

When abiding in deep and constant inner body presence, Love suffuses your flesh and unites all thoughts, speech, emotions, gestures, behaviors, and consciousness – until body becomes Love. You discover true freedom as spontaneity, presence in now, and the capacity to surrender deeper into the unknown as life’s continuous multiplicity unfolds in the Now as it is – as Love that creates all that is.

Body – Criatura – in essence, is our personal expression of the infinite multi-facetted inter-dimensional Universal Matrix of Love that is hovering in Now. Presently, The Love is calling us to bodily unite with her, and with others in mutuality to form a Pod of Love – a multidimensional flesh –  made of living liquid crystal light, omniscience, consciousness, and Love. We are also being invited to self-align relationally to The Love, and then in turn, as to unite consciously as a pod that unites with other pods to form many pods-as-One Love.

 When we are conscious, fully embodied Sacred Vessels of Love we are called to align to a new standard of living as Love’s flesh.

Knowing full well that everything we think, feel, or do that is outside of Integrity with Criatura – Body as Love harms us, our beloveds, and not just those we are in direct intimate relationship with, but also everyone else involved in our pods - all are impacted by physical body armor, pain, and suffering due to our separating behaviors.

The time is NOW. Our personal responsibility to Integrity is upped to a new quantum level if we wish to be conscious servants of Love. This includes inwardly orienting to The Love, being self-accountable, truthful, and transparent to our selves, our intimates, our pod, AND to the  Universal Matrix of Love. One member of the pod who lives outside of integrity affects the Whole. Our actions are not possible in isolation any longer: Body has evolved as Love’s Flesh that senses everything.

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