an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Sacred Body Rites is an inner body practice of Stillness Touch and Anointment with oils that reunite your body with Love.

We are committed to assist you in reuniting your Eros with The Love that creates all that is, which emanates out of inner-body Stillness as Pure Breath of Love.

Armor hidden in your flesh evokes unconscious recoil at the solar plexus that blocks Love from rising up your central channel to unite with your self-existing heart Radiance, which is your unique gift to the world. 

Pure Breath of Love is the power that made the body, heals the body, and makes you Whole by uniting your heart’s self-existing radiance with your Eros. Eros, when it unites in your heart, reconnects you to the whole-making life force of Love that creates all that is, and Yoni-Heart is born.

What Are the Roots of Sacred Body Rites?

Sacred Body Rites is based on the principles of Kashmir Shaivism, Tantric Buddhism, Mary Magdalene’s sensuous anointment transmission, and the Dynamic Stillness School.

In Sacred Body Rites, body is limitless sensation, a subtle, gentle vibratory web of shimmering consciousness that is united with The Love. This Love, known as the Sacred Pulse of the Spanda that is born from the inner body union of the male and female principles of Shiva and Shakti. This Sacred Pulse gives birth to Yoni-Heart by which a woman discovers the true power of her body as an expression of the Love that creates all that is.

Yoni-Heart is the quintessential union of Consciousness-as-Love.
Your body is in sensuous contact with the universe that is expressed as an erotic union with the Divine.

What is Body?

Body is an extension of Yoni-Heart that emanates far beyond the skin. Body is a limitless tonal web of sensuous consciousness, which you realize when you attune to your arousal and connect to the innate bliss of Eros in your inner-body space. You rediscover your fundamental erotic connection with everything, which is the original state of body. Inner-body union of Consciousness and Love is known in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism as the Great Bliss.

You realize Body as a non-localized, non-limited, polysensuous living organism that is united with the totality – this is a realization of your natural erotic unity with all that is. The limited and separate body does not exist as the total reality. It is a contracted ego-perception, a limiting concept that is not the whole reality of body.

Love is invisible flesh that becomes visible as your Body’s flesh. It is through abiding in inner-body Stillness and sensing innate bliss that you realize the union of boundless Consciousness and Love as Body.Sacred Touch awakens your Yoni-Heart as portal for realizing Body-as-Love.

What is My Inner Practice While I Receive Sacred Body Rites?

While receiving Sacred Body Rites, you abide in inner-body Stillness, allow arousal to build, while you attend to the innate bliss that expresses as inner body sensations that pulse as your Eros – as sensuous rhythms and qualities – without changing anything. By inner body breathing, as an erotic ebb-and-flow inside the body, you sense the Sacred Pulse that includes the external and internal.

You become aware of Yoni-Heart that erotically expresses its Sacred Pulse throughout your sensuous body as infinite qualities, tones, flowing currents, zones of bodily armor, emotional tension, paradoxical intensities, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, fears, old relational patterns, shock, spaciousness, fluidities, luminosities, various awakened states, tremors, infinite inner Stillness, intimacy, Eros, desire, arousal, rapture, and The Love.

Sometimes you sense these qualities all at the same time.

When you allow your arousal to build, Eros emerges as a soft subtle pulse of inner Breath that expresses innate bliss. Innate bliss frees attention and becomes a spontaneous, non-contrived fractal flow. Freed attention unites with the erotic expression of Love that unfolds throughout the inner body space to infinity and back. This continuous flow of Innate bliss is an expression of body’s inherent inner tonal breathing as Love. It is known in Kashmir Shaivism as the Sacred Pulse of the Spanda, in the Magdalene transmission it is the Holy Breath of Sophia, and in Tantric Buddhism it is the Great Bliss.

Whatever the name, when you realize the Sacred Pulse of the Spanda your Yoni-Heart is born.

Yoni-Heart and Your Feminine Power

When Yoni-Heart dawns you realize your feminine power, which is your body’s Sacred Pulse that blossoms as Love. You realize Yoni-Heart when you totally abandon your ego-driven will to objectify, do to, get, control, modify, name to avoid intensity, intimacy, or paradox that arises. Yoni-Heart is born when you relax the bodily recoil at solar plexus, which blocks the flow of Eros from rising up the central channel to unite with the heart.

Instead, without any constraints, you surrender to the innate bliss of your inner-body sensations. Innate bliss is your inner-body wisdom that emanates as an erotic inner breath in all its variations. When you can relax the strategies of the distancing and controlling ego, and let inner Breath be in charge, you realize true freedom from ego.

Freedom from Ego Tyranny

Inner body Breath takes root as Yoni-Heart and expresses as Eros in your inner body space. The innate bliss of this unending Pulse of Eros will illuminate, caress, and untie your body armor and free the tensions and restrictions that recoil at solar plexus to block your attention away from Love.

Through deep inner-body sensing with the whole of your inner being, your fears, doubts, and separating thoughts will softly melt into vibrant silence and become The Love. This mysterious ‘space’ is the intersection between formless and form – Dynamic Stillness – the Wisdom of the Whole – Pure Breath of Love – or Jung’s Pleroma. Once you can repose in Pure Breath of Love consistently, you are freed from ego control and Yoni-Heart is born

Sacred Body Rites Anointment is an initiation into the Completion Stage: Body as Love.

While being anointed, your continuous inner practice is to allow your arousal to build while you sensually abide in inner body Stillness to taste the subtle variations of the innate bliss of Eros as the flow of Love. It is difficult to be with and sense the intensity, intimacy, and paradox while in contact with Dynamic Stillness. This is because when Stillness implodes in your inner body it creates a potent space that expands and unites all the levels of your being as one. This can create a confusion of identity: ‘Who am I?’

This union will also reveal all aspects of body, mind, and emotion that are under the tyranny of ego control. Even though difficult to face, doing so strengthens your will. You discover new capacities to relax, trust, and be with very uncomfortable memories, emotional intensity, powerful feelings, and the intimacy of your trembling inner-body erotic flow of Love – as the Wisdom of the Whole – without holding back or recoiling at solar plexus due to fear, control, doubt, and resistance to Love.

Eventually, the whole of your body, thoughts, mind, speech, emotion, and behavior become less constricted by ego control. You will not be as influenced by activated somatic experiences, or bodily recoil at solar plexus that trap your awareness due to old injuries, thoughts, limiting beliefs, painful memories, relationship patterns, emotions, paradoxical intensities, jealousy, and fear that recoil your attention from union with The Love.

Body flows harmoniously with the unfolding flow of the Wisdom of the Whole when you realize Yoni-Heart: Body as Love.

When the deep, pure presence of Love suffuses your flesh, it unites all thoughts, speech, emotions, actions, and consciousness and you discover Love’s spontaneous expression in the present, amid your capacity to surrender deeper into life’s continuous paradoxical multiplicity, unfolding just as it is – as Love that creates all that is. It is within the above context that crafting a Sacred Body Rites Intensive becomes a powerful completion stage path for utterly embodying Love.

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