an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Practitioner: Know Thyself

This is for a teacher or practitioner of Sacred Body Rites.

‘Know Thyself’ is written on the portal that crosses the threshold from narcissistic ego-limitation to the freedom of your spirit.

One aspect self-knowledge is to face and integrate your Core Erotic Wound Shadows. You integrate shadows by catching your self-limiting patterns of thought, sensation, and will (behavior). Next, you discern whether you orient to only one pole, be it ascending, descending, or horizontal? Ideally, you repose in a neutral balance between all the poles so you can shift your presence accordingly (See Stillness Chapter 9 on the Resurrection Body). Can you regularly surrender your body to the potency by engaging a daily Stillness Meditation? Have you walked your Grail Journey, which is a demonstration of your profound respect for the immense power of the descending Divine Feminine Current of Love that escorts your presence into your inner body space that reveals your precise ‘self-map’ for navigating your Grail Journey?  Knowing Thyself also means ‘who am I really,  warts and all?‘ as opposed to who I want to be, but am ‘not yet.’

After all, as a practitioner, it is your moral responsibility to fierce-heartedly face yourself in terms of your primary orientation – is it horizontal (ego), or vertical (Presence of Stillness) or both (Pure Breath of Love)? Do you clearly recognize what your capacities are relative to unflinchingly being with intensity, intimacy, and paradox? It is only through a compassionate disposition of unconditional self-regard that you can learn to trust, to relax, to open, to bodily surrender into the potency of Stillness, and let your body utterly Fall into the Arms of Love. In other words, can you permit Pure Breath of Love to lovingly illuminate, suffuse, and unite all aspects of your body-mind as one Whole, all the way into your cells until you realize Body As Love?

You are aware that by facing yourself with your sensing presence you catch your ego’s recoil strategies of avoidance or grasping – even while you are feeling intensity, intimacy, paradox, Stillness, and Love. Facing yourself is the most difficult, uncomfortable, and humbling aspect of your journey, which is a descending current practice of embodiment that leads to the enfleshment of Love. Do you realize how your fear, hatred, doubt, and lack of trust prevents you from letting Stillness have you so utterly that Pure Breath of Love can seep into your hidden self-limiting aspects that have hardened your cells that create recoils from Love’s suffusion? Repeatedly Falling into Love’s Arms loosens the ego’s controlling strategies of recoil, and it reveals your covert snake manipulations by which you feed on others’ Eros and libido ‘out there’ ‘to get’ from them to gratify your desires.

Love unveils the truth of who you are by exposing your bodily confession: do you act from the guidance of the snake or Love?

You know how challenging it is to remain present to uncomfortable intensity, intimacy, and paradox that arises while Love is ‘dusting out of the corners’ of your most unsavory shadows that create self-limiting lifestyle patterns. Love brings the shadows into the light for you to see, feel, and integrate, while she lovingly breathes into your hidden corners. However, facing yourself is essential if you desire to be present to a client who is receiving Sacred Body Rites.

The good news is, you do not work on yourself, and you do not need to know what to do. Rather, it is by reposing, receiving, trusting, and opening your body until you fall into the Arms of Love, that lets Love take you, … have you, but only you can let Love in – it is a choice.

The Divine Feminine Substance substance of Love is the Holy Grail that unites all things. She is non-separating matter – the Mother of All Buddhas – who will do all the work for you. Love brings up all your unique aspects of recoil that separate you from Love that are hidden from you. That is, if you can effortlessly receive what is true about you – know thyself – and if you can accept who you are as ‘the given’ without fear, doubt, self-hatred, shame, or guilt. By standing in your unique vulnerability as you are, whether you like it or not, invites Love to lead you all way home to Wholeness.

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Deep Scrubbing Action of Pure Breath of Love

The potency of the descending current of Pure Breath of Love is the strongest force in existence. She possesses a particularly deep ‘scrubbing action’ that locates all your ‘hidden shadow dust.’ The scrubbing process is exquisitely potent because of the scrubbing shadow revealing action of each tonal expression of the pulse of Pure Breath of Love, which is also called Spanda – the sacred tremor. The Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love creates an alchemical,  mysterious, non-separating matter (mother) that combines and precisely configures the specific alchemy that you need to illuminate and reveal all the hidden aspects of you that you misuse avoid facing the truth of yourself. Love shows exactly you who and what you are – with respect to opening to Love – warts and all – without your projections. Love’s dusting action also illuminates how deeply you recoil from Stillness and Love, and it reveals the way you function in life relative to avoiding intensity, intimacy, paradox, and the utter surrender to Pure Breath of Love. Nope, the descending  current practice is not pretty, nor easy, with regard to ‘knowing thyself.’ This path is the Completion Stage: it is not for the faint of heart, a nd the process never ends! Although you do get more comfortable trusting, being with, relaxing into, opening to Stillness, living in ‘don’t know,’ and accepting who and what you are – as you are.

In summary, as a Sacred Body Rites Practitioner or Teacher you let Pure Breath of Love form a precise alchemical mix of Dynamic Stillness, Pure Breath of Love’s non-separating matter that specifically combines to complete and make you Whole. You can then express you personal unique human body as a gift of Love that you realize through an utter union of your Body with Consciousness and Love. This function of the descending current is the prime directive of Pure Breath of Love in the present time of human evolution.

The evolutionary process of the descending current can be observed while Pure Breath of Love so fully incarnates into all aspects your humanness until the parts unite and become one harmonious Whole, culminating in a conscious realization of Body As Love.

Review of the practice of Stillness Touch

No longer is it a question that has been asked for the last 8,000 years: How can I transcend my humanness, rise above myself, my ego, and transcend my pain, faults, discomforts old relational patterns, desires, and Eros by catching the ascending current and become one with the Divine? It is now rather, how can I also let Divine Consciousness unite with Love and descend into my body until I become fully humanly divine?  The culmination of our Stillness Touch professional training Master Classes is to evolve consciousness – as the irrevocable union with the descending current to Enfleshment. This is what distinguishes our training from other “biodynamic” schools who orient to medical treatments instead of the evolution of consciousness. In essence, as practitioners of Stillness Touch, we endeavor to live our lives bodily-at-one with Pure Breath of Love in seamless Wholeness, and in devout service to others who are on this same journey.

As mentioned, the previous biodynamic ‘map’ that was explored in my book Stillness, had more to do with the ascending current tidal enfoldment of the cranial wave, fluid tide, and long tide to Dynamic Stillness. This is the mapped biodynamic ‘ground’ upon which we then explore a ‘mapless’ post-biodynamic domain that begins with the realization of a cellular embodiment of Dynamic Stillness. After realizing I AM, Pure Breath of Love emerges, descends into, implodes, and unites with every cell of the body. Here, we realize – via the descending current – that Love comes back for itself: you. Love utterly unites you with the resurrected erotic forces of body-as-Criatura that restores your natural state of Wholeness, which is an utter bodily union with The Love.

To repeat: this Inherent Evolutionary Process involves trust, facing yourself, and being with what you are – as you are, relaxing into Stillness and opening to each and every separating aspect down to the molecules of every cell – all the way to a union of body with infinite Consciousness and Love. Again, Pure Breath of Love alchemically combines the elements – earth, water, air, fire, ether – with Dynamic Stillness to form an ever-renewing, unending, dynamic alchemical substance of non-separating matter – The Love that is stronger than death – that is precisely formulated to lovingly resurrect your every inertial part, restoring it to Wholeness in such a way that, eventually, no bodily resistance to Love is possible.

To fall back, surrender, inwardly repose, and utterly open your bodily flesh as a vulnerable offering to Love – a force that made all creation that emanates out of Dynamic Stillness – this is the evolutionary imperative of Pure Breath of Love. Love is the only force that can return to us the trust and bodily repose that is required to surrender and fall into the Arms of Love. Love lets us  ‘just be’ our authentic emanation of Love as our natural state. Subsequently, it is from the disposition of utter surrender to Pure Breath of Love that we begin our advanced exploration into the aspects of touch known as Sacred body Rites. In essence, Sacred Body Rites is the non-doing practice of moving Stillness that expresses as our presence, speech, behavior, hands-on contacts, anointing the skin with oils, internal touch, and Sacred Consort Practice – all that empowers us with the precise skillful responses to be with ‘what is’ in each bodily moment. You can vary your expression of touch spontaneously each moment as guided by your client’s inner body wisdom as she calls it forth, based on her specific requirements and her authentic boundaries, arising from the Wisdom of the Whole, rather than from her ’tissue boundaries’ established by the ego’s fear and control strategies, which are based on past trauma or future projection. This culminates in Sacred Body Rites – a practice that is utterly free of contrived methodologies, but, rather, the practitioner’s service of touch remains open and uniquely expresses moment by moment.