an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Primer on Sacred Consort Union

This piece is highly abbreviated from my e-Book, Sacred Consort Union. 

Kashmir Shaivism and Buddhist Tantra teach that Sacred Consort Union is a Completion Stage practice to unite body, consciousness, and Love. When Sacred Union is realized between practicing consorts, their whole body pulses as Spanda, Great Bliss, Mahamudra, or Pure Breath of Love. Consorts who sensuously unite in the flesh and can remain inwardly attentive while reposed in stillness realize the inner sacred marriage between Shiva and Shakti.

Consciousness in the lingam as Shiva
 Ignites Love in the yoni as Shakti

A lingam awake with Consciousness is vajra:
 shimmering wand of stillness that liberates the power of Love in the yoni.

Consorts celebrate Sacred Union as a spiritual practice
So their bodies can manifest Love as a service to the world.

Sacred Body Rites and Sacred Consort Union 

Consorts exchange Sacred Body Rites as a preparatory practice to cultivate innate bliss to enhance their capacity to sustain the erotic intensity that builds during Sacred Consort Union, which is an evolutionary completion stage practice. During Sacred Body Rites, Consorts exchange erotic stillness touch, and anoint one another’s skin, lymphatics, and the erogenous zones – the lips, mouth, throat, breasts, perineum, yoni, cervix, anus, lingam and prostate. While administering Sacred Body Rites the potency of innate bliss strengthens so Sacred Consorts can realize the body as the substance of the Holy Grail, the Sacred Vessel of Love until both Consorts realize Body As Love

Mutual Gifting Between Female and Male Consorts

The female Consort anoints the lingam and prostate to awaken his Lingam-Heart as the vajra to prepare it for the practice of Sacred Consort Union. Vajra enters the yoni as a diamond wand of stillness that, like a thunderbolt, ignites and frees the Love in the female’s body.

To begin Sacred Consort Union, there is no foreplay. Consorts simply lie together naked in stillness and inwardly orient their attention to their inner-body space using prana-breath while in a deep inner repose, with no agenda or goal. When innate bliss builds inside the body space, its illuminative potency enlivens and strengthens the female’s deep erotic desire for the lingam to come inside her. She then presents her open yoni to her Consort to invite his vajra to gently enter her as a wand of shimmering stillness.

             The moment vajra enters her yoni, the female Consort Practice is to  
            Drop into a deep inner body repose to receive him.

The male Consort is inwardly still, bodily reposed, and inwardly present as he drops below his urge to ejaculate, which prolongs the sacred loving to give the female time to receive the Love to awaken her Yoni-Heart

Once Yoni-Heart is touched by the vajra,
Sacred Union is a Completion Stage practice
that unites body with Love. 

Sacred Consort Union is a bodily expression of the Divine Feminine Wisdom Treasures
 that unite the Sacred Masculine with the Divine Feminine. 

When the yoni, cervix, and womb open to receive the vajra,
it ignites Spanda, the Sacred Pulse of Love.
Yoni-Heart’s sacred chamber flames with Love as the Holy Grail, and her fluids become supercharges with illuminative radiance.

A man cannot resist Yoni-Heart’s eroticism. When his lingam is inside her sacred chamber and her yoni swallows him, it dissolves his fantasy-driven ‘self.’  His whole body is surrounded and engulfed by her Eros and he is suffused by the fire of her Love that consumes him because only Divine Love remains. With lingam inside his Consort’s yoni, both Consorts repose in an inner-body stillness so deep that it obliterates ego’s control, and the sense of a separate ‘self’ that lives a romanticized, emotional, fantasy life that is based on the past and future disappears.

Consorts who unite in the flesh while inwardly reposed move beyond ego’s control and unite with Love – this is the quintessential practice of Sacred Consort Union.

Man’s Practice as Consort

Again, when a man is inwardly still and bodily reposed while deep inside yoni, his vajra is a shimmering wand of stillness that opens her body to Shiva. Shiva is Pure Consciousness, an unconditional inner space that the male lovingly offers his female Consort so Shakti can boundlessly express the infinite Love in her body. When the head of the lingam deeply touches the cervix as the portal to the womb, the cervix will descend to ‘kiss the lingam,’ which joins the two central channels – two midlines become one – which supercharges the yoni and her fluids with Love.

Her yoni’s super-radiant, moist flesh surrounds the lingam, suffusing it with her Shakti while his Shivic space of stillness opens her body to infinite, Universal Love.

The Male Absorbs Electrocharge in the Female’s Flesh

Shiva’s inner space of Pure Consciousness is suffused with Sacred Masculine Love so deep for his female Consort that he absorbs into his lingam all emotionally charged electrostatic energy that is trapped as armor in her yoni, mouth, and anus. The female Consort assists the release by inwardly reposing while in deep bodily surrender to receive his lingam inside her sacred portals. It is because of the female’s bodily receptivity that the male can absorb the electro-charged energy that blocks her midline, creates armor, and prevents Love from pulsing in her yoni, rectum, solar plexus, heart, throat, and crown.

Since the sacred portals of yoni, mouth, throat, and anus, hold the most electro-charged intensity in a woman body, when the lingam is inside any of her portals, the intensity may overstimulate him and he may ejaculate. The male Consort’s challenge, therefore, is to drop below his overwhelming desire to ejaculate while inside her sacred portals when they are charged with emotional intensity. Both Consorts mutually practice reposing inside the inner body space, so the lingam can tolerate the emotional intensity and electrical charge and can absorb it from his female Consort’s sacred portals – and then, together they can realize the union of Shiva and Shakti while lingam and yoni are united in the flesh. 

When Consorts unite in the flesh, they create an inner fulcrum-of-stillness that is a universal, non-personal ‘We’ space, which aids in the absorption of electrostatic energy held in the armor of a woman’s flesh. Sacred Consort Union cultivates innate bliss that transmutes any intense energies into the Sacred Pulse Love. When Love suffuses a woman’s flesh, the armor melts, and her sacred portals become soft and moist, while pulsing the Sacred emanations of Yoni-Heart that radiate Universal Love as her gift to the world. 

Woman’s Flesh is Naturally Magnetic

There is charged armor in a woman’s sacred portals because her flesh is naturally magnetic and absorptive. The womb is her magnetic center, and it is connected to the Wisdom of the Whole that creates a child. Because of her magnetic flesh, her womb also absorbs the electrical hypermasculine consciousness from culture, her ancestors, friends, and past lovers. When she makes love with a man who is not grounded in stillness, not centered, nor aligned with his inner feminine, his lingam and fluids will discharge electricity into a woman’s flesh and her yoni absorbs it.

Woman’s Practice as Consort

In contrast, when a man is vertically aligned, centered, and connected with his inner feminine, his lingam is vajra. Again, when vajra is inside a female’s sacred portals, he absorbs all the emotional electro-charged energy, shock, and painful armor that is stored in her yoni, mouth, and anus. Since the release of charged energies from her armored flesh is intense, the female Consort assists him by orienting inwardly and reposing deep in her yoni-cervix-womb space to bodily receive the lingam while she opens to her erotic arousal and surrenders into the intensity that is present 

When the male Consort is inside a female Consort’s sacred portal without the above practice, she may lose contact with her erotic arousal, which increases emotional intensity. The subsequent discomfort may trigger an unconscious fear-based emotional reaction. This intensifies the electrical charge, increases the armor in her flesh, and her body may shut down. To release this discomfort in her armored yoni, a woman may express aggressive rapid masculine bodily motions during sex to ‘take’ his sperm to get it over with. 

Again, a woman’s emotional past is stored in her flesh as armor due to a build-up of electro-charged energy. Her practice is to release all of it into her Consort while lingam is inside her yoni. While making love, she is nwardly oriented, bodily relaxed and reposes deep inside her yoni space, and she opens to her arousal while electrically charged energy, shock, and armor release into her Consort’s lingam without concern. 

Unconscious Recoil Patterns that Block Love

The female Consort’s main practice while making love is to relax, and be inwardly present to the innate bliss and the intense discomfort while the electro-charged emotions and shock leave her flesh. Old memories, as somatic experiences, may bring up unconscious fear, suspicion, anger, and hatred of the male. These powerful hidden emotions trigger old behavior patterns of recoil while making love that prevent the bodily repose required to connect with her inner erotic desire. When she is not feeling her erotic desire to receive the lingam, the female Consort may be unable to present her open soft, moist, pulsing yoni and invite her male Consort’s Vajra inside her. This subtle body language sends subconscious body signals to both Consorts that can create unconscious patterns of avoidance of a regular practice of Sacred Body Rites and Sacred Consort Union. 

If this pattern of recoil snowballs, it will be difficult to liberate the old unconscious recoiling behaviors that were used in the past to control Eros while making love, either due to the female’s fear of the male, or the male’s terror of Shakti’s power. To break this cycle, while lingam is inside yoni, the female stays bodily relaxed while she is inwardly connected to her erotic arousal amid any intensity or recoil. Even during a somatic experience she bodily reposes inside her yoni space, and bodily surrenders to her arousal until all holding back, getting from, or avoiding is transmuted. Intensity is transmuted by innate bliss while Eros reconnects her yoni to the Sacred Pulse of Love.

Shakti Desires for Love to Become Flesh

Shakti patiently waits for a woman to express Love through her flesh. Every woman knows deep down inside that Love is her essence and she longs to surrender her body to its Radiance. The practice outlined here is not for a woman or man who wants to practice modern western tantra that is based on exploiting our inherent animality through foreplay, sexual stimulation, excitement, rapid bodily motions, and multiple explosive orgasms.

Sacred Union is a spiritual practice for Consorts who desire to bodily express Body As Love. 

Both Consorts know that a woman’s body expresses infinite Love that she radiates as her service to the world. When united in the flesh, both Consorts bodily repose, inwardly orient to stillness, and sensuously open to their erotic arousal. This builds the potency of innate bliss while Consorts are in Sacred Union until ego surrenders control, and then their bodies will unite with Universal Love.

It is woman’s inner desire for Shakti to express through her flesh that draws Love into her body. 

Being present to inner erotic desire is the fulcrum and the means for the unmanifest power of Love to come into existence and radiate as woman’s unique personal expression.

As mentioned, man’s practice is to divest himself of his overbearing drive to ejaculate when he is inside his Consort’s sacred portals while the emotional, electro-charged energy and shock is releasing from her armored flesh into his lingam. He relaxes into stillness and he waits … for nothing

It is a man’s waiting with no agenda that gives Shakti the time and space to release all the emotional charge from her flesh, which softens the armor in her sacred portals so Love can suffuse every cell in her body. The suffusion of Love in a woman’s flesh gives birth to Yoni-Heart, which alerts the man that a deeper stage of Sacred Consort Practice is now required. Here, the greater challenge for the man is to offer his inner-body Shivic space to accommodate her extraordinary Beauty and Love that expresses through her flesh. 

After Yoni-Heart awakens, Universal Love expresses throughout a woman’s flesh and emanates the Radiant Beauty of Gloriosa. In the presence of Gloriosa, it is orders more difficult for a man to be inwardly still and reposed to relax his urge to ejaculate. This is because, at this deeper level of Completion Stage practice, it is a Sacrament to ejaculate into Yoni-Heart.  Here, their sexual fluids alchemically mix and form a Superfluid that rapidly unites body with Love. When a woman opens her Yoni-Heart to his Lingam-Heart, her body, psyche, and whole being become unbearably erotic because she is surrendered to Love. Universal Love emanates from her flesh, and when lingam is inside her yoni she enjoys exquisite erotic pleasure in every cell, which is transmitted to the man as an ardent desire to ejaculate.

However, the mature male desires to serve the female by offering his infinite unconditional Shivic space in which she can freely enjoy expressing the pleasure of her erotic Love. When she completely opens her body to Universal Love, it is natural that he desires to ejaculate in her. Because of this tendency, a woman may harbor a subconscious inhibition so she will not open up too much to him because she is afraid he will lose his semen, which can bring their sacred lovemaking to an end. However, if both the woman and man repose in inner stillness to let their erotic arousal build while making conscious love, he can drop below his overbearing drive to ejaculate, which prolongs their sacred practice and builds innate bliss in their bodies until both Consorts can open to infinite Love. This practice will decrease her unconscious inhibition because the mature man will not ejaculate as soon as the woman opens up as Love. He prolongs their conscious lovemaking by reposing inwardly in stillness without ejaculating while he absorbs into his lingam the unbearable beauty and erotic pleasure of Universal Love that radiates from her flesh. 

The Radiance of Love is absorbed by his infinite Shivic space and he returns to the female as a resurrected Love that permanently blossoms into her body without end. Consorts then enjoy Cosmic Orgasms that open their bodies to Cosmic Love. 


When the resurrected Universal Love returns from a man’s Shivic space and enters the female’s body, she will enjoy Cosmic Orgasms and realize Cosmic Love as her body. Everything changes once Cosmic Love is born and her body becomes Love. 

Love suffuses her every cell and infinitely radiates through her skin. 

Yoni-Heart is permanently a soft, tender, moist Sacred Vessel that pulses Universal Love, which radiates from her body to infinity and back. As mentioned, at this level of Completion Stage practice the Consorts enjoy Cosmic Orgasms. Their sexual fluids alchemically mix and become a Superfluid that ignites in them the permanent realized union of Love and flesh – enfleshment.

Love lives her life when Yoni-Heart awakens to enfleshment.

Again, as this is important: the advanced practice for a man is to inwardly repose in stillness amid his unbearable erotic arousal, while he waits for nothing. He receives into his lingam the exquisite Beauty and Love of the Divine Feminine that emanates from the pulsing flesh of Yoni-Heart. He is conscious and present without the slightest movement of mind. To be able to bear a woman’s exquisite Beauty and open his inner Shivic space to her Love, requires his free attention with no fantasy or imagination. This means he is fully ‘being what I am doing.’ Man does not think or have fantasies, he is present in now being with what is, ‘I receive your Love while I make love.’ Nothing pleases a mature man more than a woman’s enjoyment of fully expressing her erotic pleasure. The more the female opens to the erotic pleasure of her Love, the deeper the healing of a man’s fragmented consciousness, which can become the spectral Consciousness of the Whole.When Cosmic Love emanates from the female flesh as Yoni-Heart, both Consorts become Whole.

Female Consort Practice

As a reminder, while united in the flesh a woman’s practice is to bodily open and relax, attend to her arousal, while she deeply receives the lingam and enjoys her pleasure of erotic Love that pulses in every cell of her flesh. Sensing the subtle pulse of Love requires that a woman be present in now, without rapid bodily motions or holding back due to emotional, psychological, or fear-driven bodily recoil. She is guided purely by her body, while remaining inwardly reposed, still, and receptive;  her yoni swallows her male Consort’s lingam so deep that Cosmic Orgasms occur naturally, and as often as Love deems them. 

When oriented inside her body, reposed in bodily non-doing, and receiving his lingam, she will not fall into old patterns that previously triggered bodily inhibition or convulsive recoil at solar plexus, nor will she engage rapid, grasping, masculine body movements to bring the male to ejaculation.


Sacred Consort Union is a Completion Stage practice for Love to become flesh, which a woman emanates as her unique Radiant Gloriosa. Sacred Consort Union transmutes into Love the projection, fear, fantasy, and the emotional aspects of ‘self’ based on past or future that express as electro-charged armor in her yoni.

A woman is present to her erotic arousal and her body moves as Love moves her while in Sacred Consort Union

In total surrender to the extraordinary power of Divine Love,
Consorts unite in the flesh and their bodies unite with Love.
Completion Stage is realized: Love becomes flesh. 

Here, a female characterizes what her realizations are from her Sacred Consort Practice:

The Pulsing Fire of the Womb

He says, “In reverent worship of her body, my lingam is inside my Consort’s yoni while I inwardly repose in stillness. She swallows me whole, pulling my lingam into her yoni so ruthlessly deep that it breaks my heart open. I am filled with a longing for union with her like never before. My whole body quivers in the intensity of her passionate bodily desire for my lingam to come deep inside her yoni. Her bodily desire is like a prayer to my lingam: ‘come all the way into me and let me swallow you whole while we merge in Divine Union. Let us awaken into Love while we are deep inside one another’s flesh, opening gateway after gateway our Sacred Union is a force for our evolution and for the world.”

“Through Sacred Loving, our bodies are Vessels of Love. Every time we make personal love it ignites the enfleshment of Universal Love into full flame, which is the power of evolution that Consorts offer as service to others. We unite in the flesh so deep that our longing is quenched by the waters of our erotically aroused hearts while we bodily express ourselves passionately in wild abandon with no hesitation, no question, not even a thought. We unite in the flesh suffused by Pure Breath of Love, and we embrace everything until Love prevails.’”

When Yoni-Heart awakens, a woman’s Womb Wisdom pulses in her flesh as the Fire of the Divine Feminine, which is one of the most potent catalytic energies there is. Womb Wisdom is the power of creation as Love’s essence that emits a Sacred Pulse as waves of erotic energy that suffuse every cell in the whole body in tandem with the heartbeat. Yoni-Heart is erotically connected with all life, with Source, with God, with Spirit, with Love, with Divine Intelligence, with Truth, whatever you want to call it.

When a woman takes her Consort’s lingam deep inside her yoni, cervix, and womb and allows him all the way in, she will know Love beyond the understanding of mind. She realizes that her yoni, her heart field, and universal Love unite in her body as the Holy Grail for anything that needs to release, digest, and transmute. Love’s Sacred Pulse opens a woman’s midline to harmonize her emotional, energetic, physical, and perceptual fields. Old patterns of recoil that held her back in the past while making love can die and are reborn in Love. 

When the unbearable and beyond devastating can be slowly grieved through the body becomes suffused with Life, Consciousness, and Love.

She says, “While my yoni is deeply united with lingam, I feel my heart’s longing for union with Love. My heart reconnects to desire and finds its home in the womb where my Wisdom Voice awakens my authentic self. 

I feel so deeply empowered by Shakti that I ask my Consort for whatever my heart desires while engaged in Sacred Union. Reposing in Eros, my sensuous bodily knowing becomes one continuous pulse of Consciousness that emanates Love.” 

During the sacred act of Conscious Love, the feminine and masculine unite. It is through the deep, enfleshed communion between the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine that the transmission of Divine Love is possible. Sacred Consort Union becomes an eternal prayer of the Beloveds who unite in the flesh and their body becomes a Sacred Vessel of Love. In this most sacred of lovemaking, beloveds offer each other their whole body. Consorts connect their three centers – head, heart, pelvis – and their central channels unite, which opens them to Divine Love that erotically pulses throughout their whole body, emanating from the flesh into the spirit, and back to flesh.

Sacred Consorts transmit the enfleshment of Divine Love as a template for a New World: BODY AS LOVE.

She continues, “He is deep inside me and my yoni opens to receive his loving, tender firmness. Eros rises from my yoni and my solar plexus convulses due to a knot of tension that is there. I feel afraid, and I ask him to pause with me and stay right on the edge of what I can take while I consciously breathe into the tense knot in my solar plexus. I surrender to the intensity, my body shivers, a wave of grief passes, an unmet yearning surfaces, and when the knot in my solar plexus softens I weep silent tears. My body quivers, softens, opens in surrender to his lingam, and I fall into a deep inner repose while connecting to breath, sensation, my erotic arousal, and as I receive his lingam deep inside me my whole bodily-being receives Love. Suddenly, as a bodily response to my deep inner yearning for union, my yoni swallows his lingam whole and lets him all the way in to pierce the core of my heart. In total surrender, I envelop his lingam, caressing it with my moist yoni’s subtle movements that utterly open my whole body to my Consort until nothing is between us. 

Taking his lingam all the way inside my yoni to deeply touch my cervix opens my midline and pierces my heart with Love that suffuses every cell in my body. I feel a deep inner longing to soften my yoni and open it more to let him fully enter my whole bodily-being while I surrender and pray to Love, ‘take me and suffuse every cell of me and my Consort.’ We is born.

We is a potent force that frees all the holding, the armor, the emotions, and the electric charge; I release all of it into his lingam until it disappears into a pure space of openness like I’ve never known before. I want to die into this Holy Union with my Consort, I pray to his lingam, ‘take me, penetrate me all the way inside my yoni’s flesh to enter my womb and pierce my heart.” I repose in a depth of contact that my heart has been longing for since the beginning of time. The full penetration of his lingam fulfills a secret desire to become one with a man, one with his lingam, one with my womb, and one with Love inside out.”

Cosmic Orgasm 

“As I open my body totally to him, waves of light stream from my yoni, rise up my central channel through my solar plexus into my heart. My whole body expands into a Cosmic Orgasm that radiates streaming light from my yoni to my solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown, while our bodies boundlessly expand and disappear into the Galactic Radiance of Love. Tears fill my eyes, I desire to totally surrender into Universal Love, so I let go more. I repose into a depth that I had not known before, all trying ceases, and my yoni opens until it becomes a Cosmic Gateway, only opening, opening, opening to the deep fire of Love inside me that streams in all directions infinitely. I am one with my desire, my longing, my heart, my Consort and his lingam, the Love, and the Beloved: my Yoni-Heart is born.”

When Yoni-Heart unites in the flesh with Lingam-Heart, Love moves us both to share our realizations as a service to others. Consorts are called to practice Sacred Union to soften and open their bodies and become Sacred Vessels of Love.


When the lingam becomes an extension of a man’s Sacred Heart, Lingam-Heart is born. His deepest yearning in relationship is fulfilled: to serve the feminine with his vajra by entering her yoni so deep it penetrates her heart and ignites the Universal Flame of Love that awakens her Yoni-Heart. His lingam as vajra is a conscious wand of shimmering stillness that softens, dismantles, disarms, and absorbs the tension, holding, bracing, mistrust, rage, suspicion, grief, devastation, hopelessness, and pain that is stored in a woman’s yoni as emotionally laden armor. 

His vajra gently enters her flesh and absorbs all electrocharged energy trapped in her sacred portals until they pulsate with Radiant Love. His Sacred Lingam ignites her Womb Wisdom, the Divine Feminine power that holds the universe together. Once a woman surrenders and opens to her bodily devotion and passion to devour Lingam-Heart, she will permanently realize Universal Love inside her body. If she lets lingam all the way in, swallows him whole, and receives him, she will absorb the piercing power of a man’s Lingam-Heart as vajra, which ignites in her the realization that her body is a vessel for Pure Breath of Love, which manifests a new vision of the world.

After realizing her BODY AS LOVE, the female enfleshes the Divine Feminine Pure Breath of Love

Yoni-Heart awakens the realization in a woman that her body is a radiant emanation of Love, which fulfills her deepest yearning for erotic union with all that is. She envelops his whole body with the power of Love in her Yoni-Heart, she embraces Lingam-Heart and the man – all of him – and transmutes his brokenness, his grief, his shame, his not enough-ness, his rage, his fragmented consciousness, and she reconnects him with his Sacred Heart. When Yoni-Heart embraces Lingam-Heart with her pure Love, lingam lets go of his defenses, fear, and projection. He steps into the power of his vajra that can ignite Universal Love in Yoni-Heart as his service to the female. Through Lingam-Heart, a man reconnects with the Sacred Passion of Love in his heart, and he becomes an unstoppable force of transmutation that is devoted to Love and the fierce-hearted voice of Truth.

Conscious Lovemaking reconnects us to innocence, sacredness, and power. All personal imprints of our abuse, the disconnection from love, the defensive structures of the personality that display patterns of armor in the body can release, soften, and transmute into Love when the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine unite through Consort Union in the flesh. Then, the cultural, collective pain, grief, hatred, guilt, suffering, disconnection, numbness, unconsciousness, and self-betrayal can be unfrozen, released, and awakened into a new paradigm of the union of body, consciousness, and love.

Sacred Consort Union is the call for a new relationship for our times, that prepare us to live in peace with the earth, with each other, and in our bodies. It is time to reclaim our Sacredness through uniting in the flesh to bodily receive Universal Love.