an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Private Intensive

Benefits of enrolling in a Sacred Body Rite Private Intensive

• Discover the importance of Stillness Touch to contact your inner-body space that contains your Eros.

• Receive Anointment to melt your body armor, which ignites your Eros to consciousness and apply this wisdom to your intimate relations.

• Learn how the power of your Eros transforms relational habits that separate you from The Love that brought your loved one to you.

• Realize Eros as an aspect of your will and essence that informs your life purpose.

• Restore your original inner radiance to your body – as “Radiant Gloriousa.”

• Unveil your subtle inner-body tone of Eros as Spanda that emanates your unique expression of The Love.

• Open to Spanda – your subtle inner-body tone – as vehicle for uniting with the wisdom of your Eros.

• Awaken your authentic boundaries that arise from inner wisdom and essence, rather than from old habits.

• Learn inner Stillness midline practices to contact The Love to navigate your feminine bonding instinct.

• Experience the power of keeping desire inside your inner body space, rather than projecting it out onto someone.

• Allow the sensuousness of your Eros to flow freely – as Love in Freedom.

• Enjoy continuous Presence of Love that flows from your Eros to infinity and back to body ad infinitum.

• Navigate the internal erotic bodily gateways, melt the armor in your flesh, and open them to Love.

Details of a Sacred Body Rites Private Intensive 

Fee: $200 per hour first 2 hours, then $175 per hour

(2-hour minimum)

Out of Dynamic Stillness, The Love emerges to create all things. Love is the primordial template of all life, which expresses in you as your Eros. Eros is the creative life force that made your body, heals your body, and evolves your consciousness toward utter union with The Love. Eros is your will, and it is connected to Divine Will.

Sacred Body Rites is a powerful gateway for reawakening your Eros. Body then becomes Sacred Vessel of Love and Eros flows freely in your inner body space. When your flesh is freed of its armor, Eros restores body to its original function of wholeness that is in sensuous contact with all that is. If your Eros pulses freely inside your flesh, as Pure Breath of Love, its vital force guides you to a realized inner body union with The Love. Hence, sensually opening to receive the Sacred Pulse of Eros, which inwardly breathes throughout your inner body, can be your path to union with “The Love that is stronger than death.” (See Bourgeault, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene.)

Stillness Touch and Sacred Body Rites:  When celebrating Sacred Body Rites, you both wait in Stillness, until inner body Eros moves you to segue to anointment. Sacred Body Rites begins in Stillness, which charges your inner body with Eros by which you enjoy free-flowing attention, continuity of consciousness, and can remain present to sensations amid ever-changing degrees of intensity, intimacy, and paradox.

Openly receiving Sacred Body Rites frees attention that can flow with the vital pulse of Eros in your body and you enjoy a stable breathing Presence of Spanda by which you can be with rapid changes in intensity and intimacy from the disposition of:

Let it be –  Leave it as it is - Let go in Open-hearted Relaxation, inside ‘don’t know.’

Sacred Body Rites and Your Intimate Relationships 

If your past relationships have left you feeling broken hearted, you may be tenuous about opening your heart to your present beloved, or to Sacred Body Rites as a practice. Being tenuous manifests as subtle, unconscious blocks in your erogenous zones – as armoring – that prevent you from fully opening to intimacy and receiving The Love into your body. If this subtle rejection of Love turns into a habit, you can become stuck in behaviors that separate you from the very Love that brought your loved one to you.

Sacred Body Rites Anointment offered inside Stillness illuminates your blocks and reveal your tender armored places; when these areas soften the unconscious defenses in your body relax, so you can open to Love. When freed of subtle blocks of armor in your erogenous areas, your body comes alive as a Sacred Vessel of Love. When you feel constantly recharged with inner body erotic potency it restores lovemaking to its original purpose: to increase the inner radiance of your Eros, restore your original innocence, and deepen your body felt-union with The Love that creates all that is.

By offering or receiving Sacred Body Rites inside Stillness, you realize that intimate sexual relations are the most potent way for Love to soften the armor and recharge your Eros with Radiant life forceHence, in retrospect, you discover that decreased frequency of lovemaking, or habitual stimulating sex, increases armor, which depletes the potency of your inner body Eros. Depleted erotic potency will strain your relationships because ego patterns increase separation amid intimacy. These ego patterns express as fear, avoidance, suspicion, doubt, jealousy, control, defense, armor, body tensions, blocks, pain, mysterious symptoms, anxiety, emotions, and moods.

If you feel stuck in your old relational patterns with your lover, it may be challenging for you to openly receive Sacred Body Ritesparticularly while feeling your bodily armor soften, which may bring up guilt, shame, doubt, suspicion, defense, rejection, fear, emotional or thought-driven control, and amid intense feelings of sensuousness, desire, Eros, and arousal.

                   Even so, while receiving Sacred Body Rites can you risk sensing the inner pulse of Eros? Can you remain open and inwardly present to sense profound intensity and intimacy that accompany the softening of your bodily armor that may express as fear, guilt, suspicion, confusion, pain, strong emotionally charged memories, chaos, desire, rapture, arousal, or Love?

An astonishing benefit of abiding in open-hearted sensing receptivity to Eros amid the powerful illuminating impact of Sacred Body Rites is you realize your essence:

Your essence is a unique-to-you inner Radiance of The Love.

Your Love is unique – a precious gift to yourself, your beloved, to others, and to the world. Then, simply by orienting your awareness inwardly to sense, and be with intensity, intimacy, and paradox you will enjoy continuous inner body contact with Pure Breath of Love.

 Again, it is a challenge to open-heartedly receive Sacred Body Rites, to let yourself be touched while you sense the rapture of Eros, to be with the sensations of arousal, and feel intense uncomfortable emotions and blocked areas of armor in your body that unconsciously reject Love - all at the same time!

Even so, while being touched, if you practice orienting your awareness inwardly to sense and be with the intimacy of pleasure, or the intensity of discomfort, as well as remain inwardly present to sense your armored bodily areas of recoil, then Love will reunite and heal all the fragmented and blocked aspects of your consciousness that are under ego control, which create separation, confusion, fear, lack, control, and suffering.

Orient inwardly to sense the Wisdom of your Eros, and Love will free your attention and restore your original inner Radiance.

Summary of your inner practice while receiving Sacred Body Rites:

Relax in open-hearted awareness, abide inside and sense your inner body space – in Stillness – while you remain inwardly present and receptive to intensity, intimacy, and paradox, which may express as powerful emotions – fear, anger, hatred, painful memories, core issues – or as intimacy expressed as desire, rapture, and arousal amid the throbbing pulse of Eros in your body. When the potency of Eros is consciously received by you amid your sensing presence, it reunites the separated aspects of your consciousness, which cultivates a stable inner body felt-sense that bestows the sense of safety and trust to Be Still, relax, and unflinchingly ‘Know Thyself.’ Then your authentic boundaries reawaken.

Authentic Boundaries: 

When your authentic boundaries reawaken, you bodily sense in each moment an inner felt-sense of  ‘yes’ – ‘maybe’ – ‘no’ in response to each portion of the Sacred Body Rites as it arises from your inner wisdom and essence; rather than as an automatic reaction that habitually rejects Love due to fear of repeating old hurts, or in aversion and fear of your arousal. Some of us automatically say ‘yes’ when it is ‘no;’ and some say ‘no’ when it is ‘yes.’

It is crucial to practice being with your inner sensations, and to speak up during the session, or you run the risk of self-retraumatization. When you remain inside your sensations:

Your fractured aspects of consciousness rejoin the whole and harmoniously flow as ‘One Body’ guided by The Love, which reignites body’s original Innocence that radiates The Love.

The power of inwardly opening to your desire during Sacred Body Rites:

While being touched, if you can sensually abide inside your body and let desire ‘just be’ without an object to project it upon (your Sacred Body Rites Consort, for example), then Eros will implode inside as inner-body potency. This potency is an exquisite, subtle tone of Inner Radiance within Stillness that is your vehicle for contacting your inner body wisdom that emanates your unique expression of The Love. This is your specific emanation of Wisdom and Love, and a gift that is uniquely personal to you – and it is universal.

However, once you contact your unique Inner Radiant Tone of Love, you may feel inherently united with another’s unique inner Radiance. Consciously uniting in The Love in this inward way charges both participants’ inner body and ignites a ‘third’ Radiant Body: ‘We.’

‘We’ is a shared, radiantly awake, inner vehicle that is imbued with universal Life, Wisdom, and Consciousness. When present, ‘We’ arouses the fierce-hearted courage and the unwavering sensing presence to be with ever-changing degrees of intensity, intimacy, and paradox. ‘We’ is directly connected to the Universal Matrix of Love. Thus, ‘two abide as one’ - in We’ - and together partners can rapidly shift the cultural hypermasculine disposition that rejects the feminine and controls the expressions of Life, Body, Wisdom, the sensuously Erotic, and The Love.

 When our disposition shifts from:

 ‘Body, sensations, feelings are unreal – only spirit is real’

or, ‘body is a despised lowly creature,’

 to one of reverence and awe of body

 then we realize that Body is the most magnificent expression of Love in creation.

Body is The Love that is stronger than death.

Allowing your sensuousness to freely flow opens your bodily gates, liberates your awareness, and you realize that Body is The Love. All doubt vanishes:

Your Body is enfleshed by Love in celebration of the rapture of Utter Sacred Union.

What is Dynamic Stillness

“Dynamic” refers to The Love expressed, and “Stillness” is Consciousness as the potency that pervades all. Sacred Union between Consciousness and The Love creates all that is. Recall that The Love expresses in your body as Eros - the life force that made your body - and through it’s free-flow, you enjoy the realization that:

As Love’s Body - you are radiant, flowing, sensuously aroused awareness

that swirls in an infinite Secret Chamber of Love in erotic touch with everything.

This is an utterly feminine route by which you realize the Mystery of

Body-as-Consciousness and Consciousness-as-Love:

Dynamic Stillness

To Craft Your Private Intensive:

You may feel a strong, mysterious inner longing to receive the practices of Sacred Body Rites. It may be for your personal development, to realize your life’s purpose, or you may feel called to navigate the armored places to reunite your body with The Love. Perhaps you desire to offer Sacred Body Rites to others, or to bring The Love back into your intimate relationship by the practice of Conscious Lovemaking to ignite each other’s Radiant Gloriousa. During a Private Intensive, you can explore your unique journey to Sacred Union with Pure Breath of Love in-depth in any way you desire, according to your particular need, level of maturity, and capacity. You may go as deep, and as intimate, as you feel prepared moment-by-moment, drawing from a wide range of offerings.

The Power of Mutual Practice of Sacred Body Rites as Path:

The potency of Eros ignites the astonishing healing forces of ‘We’ when co-celebrated in mutuality with your Sacred Body Rites Consort. ‘We’ is a personal aspect of an unlimited, Universal Matrix of Love, which is the most potent healing force on earth. Your inner body, when charged with life-giving Eros, evokes major shifts in your bodily armor and your stuck patterning. Eros suffuses your inner body with potent vitality by which you feel empowered to fully live your authentic life in freedom under the inner guidance of the Wisdom of the Whole, as opposed to living under the control of ego.

Crafting your Private Intensive (these are suggestions only – not the actual flow that may arise):

 Learn Inner-Body Meditations to Realize Body-as-Consciousness:

•Stillness Practices - to cultivate constant inner body sensing awareness.

•Sensing navigation of your invisible Midline – to find your ground and return to center.

•Midline Embodiment - of the three physical midlines of your body.

•Inhabit three major inner breathing portals: Head, Heart, and Pelvis-Yoni/Lingam.

•Connect inner breathing centers as One Heart – as awakened Yoni-Heart/Lingam-Heart.

•How to give yourself a Stillness Touch session.

•How to offer Stillness Touch and Sacred Body Rites sessions to others.

• Receive Stillness Touch from within the context of Sacred Body Rites: Hands-on touch can include Body Contacts, Anatomy, Anointment, Lymphatic Touch, and Organ Touch – all are reverently offered from within Stillness.

 •Body contacts offered in Stillness Touch: include your erogenous vital bodily centers to free Eros, relax the nervous system, soften the bodily armor, and open the portals of your body that are unconsciously closed to Love.

 •Sacred Anatomy – Chakra to Chakra Contacts: sensually receive touch offered within the mystery of Body-as-Consciousness and Consciousness-as-Love. Each anatomical area possesses Consciousness-as-Love. Being touched in Stillness and Anointed with oils evokes a vast array of sensuous qualities – as inner body tones - that reveal specific insights, powerful emotions, sensations, somatic memories, Eros, desire, rapture, and arousal. Sensing and being with the intensity, intimacy, and paradox of these inner tones frees your bodily portals that have been closed to Love.

Each inner body sensuous tone illuminates for you a specific portal that reveals your unique personal map for Self-realization that reunites you with Love.

Abiding in the sensations in your inner body atmosphere on this level of depth, reverence, intensity, and intimacy with another, offers you an opportunity to unite with your infinite, multi-dimensional, poly-sensual body that expresses the Radiant healing forces of Eros. 

You can thus cultivate embodied unwavering sensing presence amid your core issues that are evoked when being touched in a specific area, which include your erogenous vital centers. You may also explore esoteric anatomy – a potent interactive exchange, uniting various combinations of chakra-to-chakra contact from within Stillness. This is a powerful way to open your vital bodily portals that are unconsciously closed to The Love.

•Anointing the Skin of the Whole Body: Open heartedly receive the sensations while being anointed with oils illuminates your ‘tissue boundaries.’ Tissue boundaries express when the body’s armored areas are evoked through touch, and manifest as unconscious, automatic reactivity to intimacy due to past transgressions, rather than as an authentic response to intensity and intimacy arising from your inner-body Wisdom and Love. Anointment cultivates an inner realization that body is an unlimited sensuous Sacred Vessel of Love overflowing with Wisdom. As your armor melts, authentic boundaries reawaken that are guided by your bodily Wisdom based on the good of the whole.

Tissue Boundaries explained: Skin is ectoderm, which forms your defenses – the immune, nervous, and endocrine system. A traumatized defense system creates armor in the body, which will over-react in fear, recoil, irritability, and control amid intensity or intimacy. Even when you know better, your reactive defenses automatically say ‘No’ to intensity or intimacy amid strong emotions, instability, sensuousness, desire, arousal, Eros, and The Love. Anointing the skin with oils in ‘moving Stillness’ is applied slow enough to soften your bodily armor and restore innocence to your defenses. Thus, you can remain open, curious, receptive, and sensually present to intensity moment-by-moment amid appropriate responses arising from your authentic boundaries, rather than as automatic reactivity arising from the past that is held as armor.

 Your automatic ‘no’ to intensity or intimacy will relax and open – as a ‘yes’ to Love. Awareness will stabilize during anointment if you remain inwardly present to your sensations amid the powerful intensity of fear, strong emotions, memories, and the intimacy of desire, arousal, and Eros.

 •Lymphatic Touch: illuminates the deep core emotional history that is stored in your lymphatics. Opened lymphatic portals free the hidden emotions that reflect the way you regarded the animal part of yourself. Often during lymphatic touch you feel the impact that your harsh disposition toward body and sensuality has had on you, your beloveds, and your life’s work. Lymphatic Touch is a gateway that reveals how you have habitually regarded self, body, and the sensuous – we either welcomed or shunned the inner feminine that bodily expresses as infinite Love and personal Eros. Lymph glands are in the mouth, throat, under the arms, chest, solar plexus, groin, perineum, rectum, and vagina.

•Internal and External Organ Touch: Brings you into conscious, embodied feeling contact with your body’s deepest embryological layer, the endoderm.

Your guts harbor your deepest core history - the most hidden and unconscious layers of your wounds.

The gut system - mouth, throat, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidney, liver, solar plexus, anus, prostate, penis, vagina and cervix - develop armor that hold your core issues of the past that are due to your deepest core erotic wounds. These armored areas are a primary source for the most unconscious, automatic recoil to the free-flow of The Love that keep hidden from us the Inner Breath of the Divine Feminine. Armored areas  store the energetics of our previously suffered abuse therefore, gently working with these areas may bring up deep self-hatred, feelings of being victimized, or abused. 

Internal Touch Illuminates Past Abuse, Distortions in Body-image, and Self-hatred:

Touching these vulnerable internal areas in Stillness with deep reverence, while you relax and openly abide in Stillness, while being with your sensations, provides an opportunity to cultivate a compassionate disposition toward yourself amid paradoxical intensity. While your armor melts, you may experience strong emotions, traumatic memories, powerful sensations, pain, fear, rage, guilt, shame, self-hatred, body image issues, being a victim, memories of past abuse history.

Projection Issues can be Healed:

You may also find yourself trapped inside a projection that you place upon your Sacred Body Rites Consort  - for example as Lover, Perpetrator, Abuser – any of which can evoke various paradoxical moods, thoughts, control strategies, states of awakenings, guilt, shame, hatred, rage, blame, projection, desire, sensuousness, Eros, or arousal – pleasant and not.

Therefore, Internal Organ Touch, reverently offered inside Stillness, offers you a profound opportunity for realizing sufficient fierce open-heartedness to remain present to your sensations and emotions with an unflinching capacity to be with’ any paradoxical intensity that arises amid projection.

Due to the deep core unconscious content held as armor in your most vulnerable internal organs – mouth, rectum, and vagina – the tempo of internal organ touch is consciously still or extremely slow to facilitate relaxation, receptivity, trust, and an open heart. Stable inner body awareness and deep embodied presence to your sensations, arises amid powerful intensity and intimacy. You cultivate fierce-hearted, fluid, unwavering presence when touched in your Sacred Portals to Love in Stillness. 

Internal Work Illuminates The Deepest Wounds Revealed Amid Projection as Portals to Love:

This stage of Sacred Body Rites – the internal work – liberates deep core unconscious bodily armor that recoils to Love and reveals Body as The Love. Your core issues may continue to arise after the session, which may seriously challenge your capacity to ‘be with’ your powerful feelings, emotions, and sensations amid your projecting them upon your Consort. However, if that is the case, you then have an opportunity to navigate these feelings as your specific key to open the portal to Love. (Reich, Baker, Lowen, Kelleman, Jung, and many others have thoroughly navigated the territory of body armoring; please refer to their writings).

Crafting Your Private Intensive

Given all these suggested possibilities, you can craft an Intensive by which you can sensually navigate areas of your personal history that challenge you. Recall that your history is stored energetically in the limbic system, your body’s ground substance, the nervous-immune-hormonal system, and as armor in your flesh, particularly in your internal pelvic organs, and guts. Amid intensity or intimacy, the presence of armor may evoke your fearful reactions that trigger disembodied wavering and instability of your sensing presence that blurs awareness your Eros, which separates you from sensing your inner body flow of Pure Breath of Love.

You can create an intensive that illuminate a map to free your personal issues, and the areas of bodily armor that unconsciously block connection with your Eros. A Private Intensive can become a dynamic sensing navigation that explores your intensity and intimacy edges through a synergistic combination of Stillness Touch, Anointment, Lymphatic, and Internal Organ Work.

All touch is offered in mutual cooperation and reverence from within Stillness, under the guidance of your authentic boundaries, the Wisdom of the body, and The Love.

Remember, Sacred Body Rites will melt the armor held in your body, which may bring up very uncomfortable emotions: the challenge is to sensually navigate your capacity to ‘be with’ sensations amid intensity and intimacy based on your authentic boundaries in the present, rather than automatically reacting from ‘tissue’ boundaries established from armor that formed due to past transgressions. When armor is activated, we react based on fear that says ‘no’ to intensity and intimacy. It is your responsibility to speak up if you sense a boundary is being crossed and the tempo needs to be slower. The power of ‘no’ is essential – it gives you the power to really say ‘yes.’ Here you can distinguish the difference between sensation and feelings as your guiding force with respect to boundaries.

In closing, Sacred Body Rites reverently offered in Stillness in a tempo slow enough for you to maintain awareness of your sensations in your inner body is a gateway for cultivating a stable, sensing-embodied ‘being with’ ever-changing degrees of intensity and intimacy that arises. This deepens your unwavering sensing presence, and stabilizes your continuous conscious contact with Pure Breath of Love.

For more specific information on navigating the Seven Gates, please go to: 

Session Exchanges:

You may want to integrate this whole process and evolve it into learning how to offer Sacred Body Rites to others. This is a detailed training in the specific areas of Sacred Body Rites learned by giving and receiving sessions in mutuality. Each session places an emphasis on a particular component of Sacred Body Rites until you realize the Pulse of Pure Breath of Love body wide. Suffusion becomes so deep that you enjoy unbreakable presence of Love that flows, implodes, and emanates as radiant Eros from your core to your inner body, through your flesh, into your cells, and to infinity and back, which I call Enfleshment.

Sacred Body Rites Mentor Training:

To support the interactive experiential training so you can offer Sacred Body Rites to others, a detailed training manual is made available to you to compliment your experiential sessions.

Go here for more details on Mentor Training in Sacred Body Rites:    

Contact Charles for Information about Private Intensive or Mentor Training: