an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Private Intensive

Sacred Body Rites:
A Completion Stage Practice For The Evolution of Consciousness

Sacred Body Rite One-to-One Intensive

• Discover the importance of dropping into Stillness to contact Eros in your inner-body space.

• Receive Erotic Stillness Touch, Anointment to the skin of your whole body and Internal Pelvic Sacred Touch to build the arousal of Innate Bliss that softens your body armor, and frees trapped hidden emotions that create unsavory shadow snake behavior. While your bodily armor melts, the innate bliss of Eros releases built-up electric charge and emotions that are stored as armor in your flesh. Innate bliss is the wisdom of your body that strengthens your will, which shifts the shadow behavior patterns that repeat in you as reactivity toward your intimate partners.

• Eros is your will, which, when freed, empowers you to transform old relational habits that separate you from Love that brought your loved one to you. Eros also empowers you to refine and thoroughly manifest your authentic life purpose.

• When, as a female, you restore your self-existing heart Radiance, Yoni-Heart is born, which transmutes your body into Criatura that emanates an infinite “Radiant Gloriosa.”

• Unveil your shadows to free your Eros as a subtle inner-body Sacred Tremor of Spanda until your Yoni-Heart awakens and emanates your unique bodily expression of Love.

• When you repose inwardly in the Sacred Pulse of Spanda it tremors in your inner-body as erotic emanations of Yoni-Heart; your bodily vehicle is prepared for reuniting with Eros that connects to the Divine Feminine Wisdom of the Whole.

• Learn to relax the unconscious convulsive recoils in the genitals, anus, perineum, groin, psoas, belly, gut field, solar plexus, throat, mouth and the lymphatics while you let go of the static that manifests as uncomfortable bodily vibrations that arise from unconscious resistance when Eros rises from the pelvis to your Heart Radiance in the central channel.

• When you realize the Divine Feminine Power of the Sacred Pulse of Love in your Yoni-Heart, its inherent Super Radiance conveys transpersonal superpowers (Siddhis) to your yoni’s fluids that can then transmit Love. You are then capable of reuniting the masculine fragmented consciousness, making it whole by engaging in Sacred Consort Practice.

• Awaken your authentic boundaries that arise as guidance from your inner body wisdom, rather than being guided by reactions from old habits of the ego and its shadows.

• Learn inner midline (central channel) practices to contact Stillness-as-Love to navigate your feminine bonding instinct.

• Experience the power of implosion of your Presence of Stillness into your inner body – by keeping your arousal and desire inside your inner body space – rather than projecting desires out onto someone to get from, or do to them for your own gratification.

• Learn, while receiving Sacred Body Rites, to let your arousal and desire remain inside and experience how innerness builds innate bliss, which enhances the potency of your sensuousness so Eros can freely pulse as Love in Freedom.

• Enjoy the continuous Presence of Love that pulses as Yoni-Heart while your Eros empowers Criatura’s Radiant Gloriousa that radiates Love to infinity and back to body, ad infinitum.

• Receive Internal Pelvic Sacred Touch to navigate the armor in all aspects of your Yoni, Cervix, Anus, Lingum, Prostate, Perineum, and Lymphatics, which in turn softens the erotic bodily blocks of recoil, for example, at solar plexus, due to the fear of feeling your Core Erotic Wound (See Stillness Touch Union of Body and Love Chapter 7). Internal Pelvic Touch melts the armor in your flesh and opens your body to Love in body’s Divine Feminine generative center, which awakens Yoni-Heart as the source of your Divine Feminine Power.

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Training as Session Exchanges

You may want to integrate your learning process by offering Sacred Body Rites to others. You will receive a thorough training in each of the specific aspect of Sacred Body Rites. You learn primarily by giving and receiving sessions in mutuality with a Consort. Each session emphasizes a specific component of Sacred Body Rites that you integrate until you can offer a full SBR session that transmits the Sacred Pulse of Pure Breath of Love – Spanda – body wide to others by which you realize Body As Love.

Once Yoni-Heart awakens – by letting Eros rise in the central channel to land in your Heart Radiance – you realize enfleshment of Pure Breath of Love. Love implodes inwardly and emanates a whole-body pulse Radiant Eros from your core central channel throughout your flesh into all your cells emanate Love to infinity and back, which I call Enfleshment. Then you are prepared to offer Sacred Body Rites to others.

Sacred Body Rites Interactive Training:

To support this interactive experiential training so you can offer Sacred Body Rites to others, a detailed training manual is made available to you to compliment your experiential sessions.

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