an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Charles Ridley founded two schools for the evolution of consciousness: Sacred Body Rites, and Dynamic Stillness, which is an international school that offers professional training in Stillness Touch to health practitioners.


Charles on Sacred Body Rites: “My Sacred Body Rites biography ran concurrently with my Cranial impulse. In 1978, I studied internal pelvic work, organ work, adhesion work, and lymphatic work with Dr. Lawerence DeMann in Davenport Iowa. I moved to Manhattan and continued training with Dr. DeMann, working in his office for 3 years. In 1982 I deepened my internal pelvic studies with Dr. Ralph Failor in Manhattan. I also studied Rudolf Steiner’s Medical approach to healing that included rhythmic massage with essential oils, which I incorporated with internal pelvic, and organ work. I was the first non-physician to be invited to present my organ work at the Annual International Anthroposophical Physician Conference in 1995 in Seattle, Washington.

In 2006 the impulse re-ignited as a deep longing to bring intimate transpersonal Love back into our personal lives and into the bedroom as Sacred Body Rites and Sacred Consort Practices. This inner movement has clarified itself over the last 12 years to become a dedication to serve, validate, support, and stabilize anyone immersed in the realization of an utter embodied union with Love, Enfleshment, which is also known as the Completion Stage of spiritual development in Buddhism.

I’ve written supportive material for the site about the power of abiding in inner Stillness while offering Stillness Touch as a Sacred Body Rite in your intimate relationships for the Enfleshment of Love. My most recent book, Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love (English and German) contains the meditations and the foundational principles of Stillness Touch that is the basis for offering Sacred Body Rites.

Private Intensives for personal development are available to those who want to restore their bodies by receiving Sacred Body Rites. Sacred Body Rites Training is available for those who want to offer Sacred Body Rites to their partners, or to others. Sacred Body Rites is open to anyone who is earnestly prepared to Know Thyself. “

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