an inner-body practice of Stillness and Sacred Touch that reunites your body with its source: The Love.
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Charles Ridley directs two schools for the evolution of consciousness: Sacred Body Rites, and  Dynamic Stillness, which is an international school with courses in the America’s, Europe, Taiwan, and Australia that train professional health practitioners in a year-long mentoring in Biodynamic Cranial Touch and Stillness Touch for the evolution of consciousness. 

Dynamic Stillness offers 2-day ‘Stillness Touch’ classes to anyone interested in their evolution of consciousness – the next class is:

Kripalu, April 18-20, 2018:  Stillness Touch at Kripalu  

Charles authored STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness published by Random House, and Stillness is published in Japanese, French, and Czech, (Italian, and German in 2018)

STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness 

 Charles Ridley

Sacred Body Rites

“My Sacred Body Rites biography ran concurrently with my Cranial impulse. In 1978, I studied internal pelvic work, organ work, adhesion work, and lymphatic work with Dr. Lawerence DeMann in Davenport Iowa.  In 1981, when I moved to Manhattan, I continued training with Dr. DeMann, working in his office for 3 years. In 1982 I deepened my internal pelvic studies with Dr. Ralph Failor in Manhattan. I also studied Rudolf Steiner’s Medical approach to healing that included rhythmic massage with essential oils, which I incorporated with internal pelvic, and organ work. I was the first non-physician to be invited to present my work at the Annual International Anthroposophical Physician Conference in 1995 in Seattle, Washington.

Touch for the Evolution of Consciousness

I no longer touch from a clinical perspective. Rather, I have refined my internal pelvic, organ, lymphatic, and anointment to the skin based on Stillness-as-Flow, which combines Kashmir Shaivism, Tantric Buddhism, and the Mary Magdalene anointment principles, which are also inherent to Biodynamic Cranial Touch. 

I have five e-books to support students who take courses offered by the Dynamic Stillness School:  Three books are for health practitioners: STILLNESSBeyond Stillness, and The Missing Glossary, and two e-books to support those who take my personal development Stillness Touch Class at Kripalu: Stillness Practices and Stillness Touch.

I have also written a Sacred Body Rites Training Manual that is only available after committing to a Sacred Body Rites Mentor Training.

Biodynamic Cranial Touch

Charles’ school, Dynamic Stillness, is fortunate to have an incredibly accomplished teacher who offers professional development for healthcare practitioners through an “Initiatory Course” and a year-long professional training, “Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course.” Dynamic Stillness offers classes worldwide in 12 countries.

Charles remains the steward of the Dynamic Stillness School, however, his new impulse has moved him into personal development, teaching how to integrate the principles of Stillness Touch into the private lives of individuals and couples. Therefore, Charles’ service extends into domains that are outside the health professional boundaries and the parameters of the Dynamic Stillness School. He continues to offer a two-day Stillness Touch class at Kripalu that is designed for anyone who is earnest about the evolution of their consciousness, embodiment of spirit, and the transmission of Love through Stillness Touch.  He alse teaches Post-graduate Biodynamicclassess in Europe.

Beyond that Charles offers Couples Classes, Sacred Body Rites Private Intensives Sessions, and Training in Sacred Body Rites for those who want to work with ones partner, and he offers an extended Sacred Body Rites Mentor Training for someone who wishes to offer Sacred Body Rites to others.

Brief Cranial Biography in Charles’ words: “The profundity of a single cranial session in 1973, in which my consciousness expanded for 30 days, forever altered my view that cranial work is a portal for the evolution of consciousness. Cranial continues to fire my heart with enthusiasm. Here it is, some 45 years later and I feel a stronger fire of enthusiasm and love for this work of transmitting Love through neutral touch in stillness. For twenty years, I studied with Dr. DeJarnette – a student of the founder of cranial work, Dr. William Sutherland. Dr. DeJarnette talked about Dr. Sutherland so regularly that he transmitted his essence to us. I also studied with Dr. Marc Pick, author of Cranial Sutures.

From 1981 to 1989 my cranial, organ, and internal pelvic work practice flourished in Manhattan, and I was fortunate to have served celebrities, politicians, artists, and people from all walks of life. By great good fortune, I met Robert Johnson – Jungian author of HE, SHE, WE, INNER WORK, and 9 other books – and it was love at first sight. Beginning in Manhattan 1985 until 2002 in California, Robert and I developed a “4-D” relationship by which Robert mentored me in the unconscious realms of intimacy with Love via a homoerotic relatedness. Most of my teaching style, and my lifestyle came from Robert’s modeling – from his living his own talk – as he writes so beautifully in his memoirs Balancing Heaven and Earth.

 In 1991, I enrolled in a series of cranial courses that combined Dr. Viola Frymann’s cranial osteopathy, combined with all of Dr. John Upledger’s Craniosacral Therapy courses. Then, in 1998, I was invited to be a teacher of Hugh Milne’s cranial osteopathy, Visionary Craniosacral Work, which lasted until my Dynamic Stillness school that I founded required my full attention in 2006.

For four years –  in the late 70’s – I worked closely with the founder and pioneer of holistic dentistry, Dr. Alerod Fonder, author of  The Dental Physician. In Manhattan, I collaborated with the famed voice specialist Wilbur Gould, MD. Astonishingly, Dr. Gould generously gave me free and full access to his Vocal Dynamics Laboratory at Lennox Hill Hospital where I conducted successful research on the positive effects of cranial work on the voices of 20 professional opera singers.

From 1985 to 1988, I wrote a regular column for the national publication, Whole Life Times, and I lectured nationally at all the Whole Life Expo’s nation-wide teaching public classes on self-care. Meanwhile, I co-founded Whole Life Medical Center with Ronald Hoffman, MD in Manhattan, which was one of the first integrative holistic medical centers in the USA.

Over the last several years I have been invited by various groups to offer my guided Heart Meditation; for example, at the Symposium of the Heart in Calistoga, CA. Then I was asked to demonstrate Stillness Touch at a Spirit Rock Meditation Center gathering of Buddhist healers that was organized for Dzochen teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Most recently I was invited by Kripalu to train all 62 of their bodywork staff and to become a regular presenter of Stillness Touch


“As mentioned above, I offer Sacred Body Rites for those interested in personal development that extends biodynamic principles beyond the professional scope of the Dynamic Stillness School. This impulse began in 1980 after my first training in internal pelvic work. In 2006, this impulse ignited a new form as a deep inner impulse to bring intimate and transpersonal Love back into our personal lives, and into the bedroom as Sacred Body Rites and Sacred Consort Practices

This inner movement has clarified itself over the last 12 years to become a sincere dedication to serve, validate, support, and stabilize anyone immersed in the realization of an utter embodied union with Love,  Enfleshment, which is also known as the Completion Stage of spiritual development in Buddhism. Subsequently, as mentioned, I’ve written supportive material, a Sacred Body Rites Training Manual, and another e-book about the power of abiding in inner Stillness, Stillness Touch, Sacred Body Rites, Intimate Relationship, and Enfleshment of Love.

I offer Stillness Touch Private Intensives for professionals, and Private Intensives for personal development for those who want to restore their bodies by receiving Sacred Body Rites. I offer Sacred Body Rites Trainings for those who want to offer Sacred Body Rites to their partners, or to others. Sacred Body Rites is open to anyone who is earnestly prepared to ‘Know Thyself.’ 

All my completed E-Books and Mp3 Audio Meditations are available from the Store:  
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Published Book:

STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness, Random House, 2006

 Available e-books can be purchased here:   

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Beyond Stillness: A Biodynamic Practitioner Workbook  – for health professionals

The Missing Glossary  – for health professionals

The following are written for anyone interested in personal development:

Stillness Touch: The Art of Transmitting Love

Stillness Practices: How to Realize Body as Consciousness

Sacred Body Rites Training Manual   This e-Book is only available to those who are training to offer Sacred Body Rites to others.


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